Monday, March 12, 2012

Jocelyn 10 month's

OMGoodness... it's been forever since I did my update on babykins.  She is so big...  quite literally.  We had her appointment about two weeks ago and

Weight:  19 lbs 12 oz (69th percentile)
Height:  28 1/2 inches long (68th Percentile)
Head:  18 1/4 inches (95th percentile)

 Look at that fantastic buddha belly! 
 She likes books.  :) Especially to eat.  

She is cruising around the furniture well, and even lets go every now and then.  
She waves bye bye (Usually after you walk out of the room)
She does patty cake and "so big" 
She LOVES music and usually dances with her brother.  
She still mostly eats puree's but is starting to munch on bigger solids although texture remains an issue.  :) 
She sleeps through the night but occasionally still likes a middle of the night snack.  
She ADORES her brother and it is mutual..... however it is a close match up with her daddy.  
She loves our afternoon walks (while joe rides his bike) and has even tried out the swing.  
She talks ALL the time... 

She continues to be such a joy.  I do love people but out of all the people in the world I love spending time with... these two munchkins top the list.  :)