Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Joe's Forklift Cake

I have mentioned before Joe's love of forklifts.  Well, we go to Costco for fun to see Mr. Brett and Mr. Don drive the forklift.  Yes, we are on a first named basis with the forklift drivers.  :)

Well Mr. Brett's wife makes Edible Images.  Mr. Brett wanted to do a special forklift one for Joe.  We had already had his party so...  we decided to take it to his party at school. 

I got the cake made at Kroger and really?  it was absolutely delicious.  Shockingly delicious.  Like, I brought home half of it, Jason told me to get rid of it and by the next morning... yeah...  he had already done it.  

Good boy though, left me one piece.  ;)  ha ha ha. 

Thank you Mr. Brett and Mrs. Brett (ha) for the beautiful edible image.  It was delicious ! All the kids (and my hubby) loved it. 

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