Monday, June 28, 2010


I think I mentioned last week that my mother in law is the coolest.  She takes Joe for a week every spring and fall... or summer and winter... or or or.  :-)  And this past weekend we had a family reunion of sorts so she offered to keep him for the whole week before.  I missed him like crazy!  BUT... man oh man did he have a GREAT time.  We don't have any pictures from the week but I got some this past weekend.  As well as some FUN stories. 

such as: 

Last saturday, the boys all were playing in the backyard.  They came in and all got bathed and fed.  All of a sudden J, my oldest nephew and Joe came in wearing panti liners on their feet.  Yep...  J found the pantiliners in the bathroom, took the sticky side and stuck them to their feet and proceeded to mop the floor!  OMG!  Can you imagine? 

The went through an entire box or two of popsicles.  They have these holders and Bebe would put the three boys in the pool and they would eat popsicle after popsicle.  :)  Joe always got the fudge ones since J doesn't like them!  HA!

My littlest nephew P-man apparently likes to hug.  And he's a big boy.  :-)  So, Joe would be sitting on the floor playing with something and P-man would come up behind him and just bear hug him.  Joe would look at him like... who ARE you?  :)  ha!  But it did rub off because the boys went to the splash pad near their house and Joe would go up and hug all of the other kids on the splash pad.  ha! 
and now, Joe likes to hug.  ... well ... and belly bump.  But he didn't learn that from his cousins... rather his mommy and daddy.  ha ha ha.

J is a bit more reserved than Joe.  The boys would play together fabulously but when it came to meeting others, Joe would run right up and J would just kind of watch.  Bebe asked if J didn't want to go and talk to the other kids and J said... "nope, Joe's got it covered'.  Ha!  So, I see J being president and Joe being his press secretary! 

They went to the trains, they went to the pool, they played in the playhouse.  They ran through sprinklers, (naked as jay birds), they went to Sam's.  They snuggled, tickled, made good choices.  They watched Bob the Builder and just all in all had a wonderful wonderful time.  I am so so blessed to have such a great family! 

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kbarsch said...

fun fun fun fun fun!!!

I was reading the panty liner story and I burst out laughing which gave Kyle a fright--hahahah!