Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tucker Davis

About six weeks ago I had a knock on my door at 10:00 pm.  It was my neighbors, Larry and Angie.  I opened the door to this face.  He was found wandering the streets and Anna, my other neighbor had found him.  She had walked around for two hours trying to find his owner.  Then Larry wandered for another two hours to find the owner.  There was no one looking for him. 

They didn't know what to do with him...  so I offered to keep him in my backyard until the next day.  I had a kennel in my garage leftover from Murphey and so I brought it out for him.  He immediately went into the kennel with no problems.  I thought he would cry but he didn't. 

I went up to bed and checked on him a couple of times.  The next morning I let him out of his kennel and he came inside.  He immediately laid down. 
It was like he fit. 

Joe and Jocelyn were taken with him right away.  I took him to the vet the next day to see if he was chipped.  He was not.   He did not have any tag on his collar.  She estimated him to be around 2 years old and well taken care of. 

I looked for signs and scoured websites to see if anyone was looking for him.  Nothing.  I was going to post signs but I figured if anyone really wanted him back....  there would be signs. 

My kids got more attached.  He jumps on on their bed when they are trying to go to bed.  He plays with them when they are in the backyard.  He thinks he's a lap dog. 
He starts off with one paw... and then the other paw...  and then he's on your lap.  With a smile. 

I bought him a furminator and some toys.  I checked on good food for him and his coat and well being.  We bought him toys for the backyard and gave him his heartworm medicine and his flea and tick meds. 

Six weeks go by and it's Memorial day weekend.  Larry has gotten used to getting home and coming to visit him.  He walks him several times a day.  And on Memorial Day Sunday he was walking Tucker (what we named him)....  when he made his way down the street next to mine and someone called out to him...  "Flash!  where've you been?"  People ran out and were scratching his head....  Larry didn't know what to do.  He asked them why they hadn't been looking for him. 

The owners said...  "well...  we figured that he'd been picked up by the pound or someone had him."  Larry was flabbergasted.  He asked them about him...  and they said he was five years old and had had all of his shots.  They asked him who had been keeping him and Larry said...  a young mom with two young kids.  He said..  "they must be attached to him so they can keep him!"  Larry was so relieved.  So was I when I heard. 

FOUR DAYS go by and the doorbell rings.  It's the woman.  She says "you ready for us to take him back?" 

I just looked at her.  I said... no, we were told that he was ours since my kids and I were attached.  She said... yeah... well we talked about it and decided it wasn't a good idea.  She hemmed and hawed for awhile and admitted they had a lot of money tied up in him.  I offered to buy him from her.  She hemmed and hawed a bit more.  Finally I had to get his old collar and was putting it on him with tears streaming down my face I told her that if she loved him to get him micro chipped and get him a collar with his name on it and to fix her damn fence!  I slammed the door in her face. 

The next morning I left this note on her door

And Larry left a note too. 

I heard nothing so I had to assume that I wasn't getting him back.  I had to tell my kids.  I didn't want to tell my kids.  I told them after Joe's baseball game and they cried.  Oh did they cry.  Broke my heart!  I drove by their house several times and he would always jump up on the fence and just look at me. 

Today...  Saturday...  almost a week after they knew where he was...  she called me and she's willing to let me adopt him if my offer still stands.  I said absolutely.  So I will pay her $200 (which I think it was about money the whole time)...  and I get my tucker back.  My kids get their tucker back. 

I am sitting here waiting..  waiting on my kids and waiting on their dog.  I am so excited! 

Welcome to the family officially... Tucker Davis! 

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kbarsch said...

Oh my goodness!! I can't believe that poor dog (and you, J & J) had to go through all that. Please let us know when they actually bring Tucker back home to you. (((hugs)))