Monday, August 31, 2009

Blessings and ramblings and I haven't...

I have been remiss. I keep thinking that I should be posting a new blog and then I get tranfixed on farming. What is farming you ask? It's a stupid sim game on Facebook and I am hooked. I am addicted. I pass wheat fields on the real road and think... I could harvest that. ha!

So, I haven't been blogging. I haven't blogged about a wonderful weekend we had to celebrate Jason and his sisters birthday. His mom came into town and watched all of the kids while we got to spend a night at the Omni hotel downtown. We went to dinner at Reatta's and then met his sister and brother in law for a comedy show. We had a great night. What a great gift from my mother in law. :)

I haven't blogged about my nice weekend by myself. Jason went to Matagorda and Joe and I had a 'date weekend'. :)

I haven't blogged about my bowling with Meg and Jeff. She cleaned our clocks. ;) We had a great time doing it though. We had a nice dinner at Abuela's and then headed over to a local bowling alley. meg's sister, Anna, watched all of the kids and they had a great time. :)

Nope... didn't blog about our great swimming adventure over at Susan's house. They decided to try their hand at smoking a brisket and did an excellent job. We arrived with salads and beans and desserts and drinks and Susan had made sangria which was to die for... albeit a bit strong. The kids swam. The adults swam. GREAT fun to be had by all.

I haven't blogged about our wonderful trip to Cedar Creek Lake. My dear friends, Cindy and Crissy and I were all pregnant at the same time. (with their firsts and my only, ha!) and we really became close just after the kids were born. So... we decided that it would be fun to rent a lake house for a weekend. All three families. Some of our other good friends were all out of town and another had just had a baby so... it was just the six of us and the five kids.

Cedar Creek Lake is about an hour and a half from Dallas and three hours from Houston. We met up there on Friday to get settled. Jason came after work and arrived about 5:30 ish. We fried up some fish for dinner with all of the accoutrement's and Crissy, John and the kids showed up soon after.

Scott and Cindy brought their Wii and we brought our controllers. We had so much fun playing those stupid games.... video's will follow. :)

The kids all played relatively well with each other. Joe was a bit cranky and didn't play as well with others. but they did have fun and the girls had a blast with each other. And I will say that Joe had quite a little crush on miss Abby. :)

The weekend was full with parks, rented boats, excellent food... a bit of drinkin and just plain relaxing and good friends.

We finished up the weekend on Monday. We all headed home to our corners with heavy hearts and tired kids. Promises of doing it again next year made.

I know I haven't blogged about Dee and Jason's trip to Dallas to go to the last preseason Cowboys game in the new stadium. We got to go. I had never been to a real football game let alone in the new stadium. how fun!!! They arrived on Friday night, Meg and Jeff and kids had come over for some meatloaf and Wii and to drop off a carseat that they forgot. The weekend finished off with a swim visit to Meg's parents oh yeah and to pick up a carseat... that we forgot.

so, I guess I haven't blogged lately about how blessed I am. I seriously have the best friends. How... HOW has it happened that I don't have just one friend that can be considered my best friend but really a gaggle of girls (and husbands) that I would, quite honestly, gladly give a kidney for. These girls (and husbands) shape who I am... by teaching me to be better. By leading through example. By caring, by sharing and just by being themselves. And I am only mentioning a few of them. There are far more that I haven't mentioned. And if I didn't mention you... I'll get to save you for a future installment of "I haven't told you about... have I?"


love you guys! Thank you for being in my world and making it better.

oh yeah... and pics to come. :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wiggles, Ice Cream and new office

This past weekend was my second in a row that I got to stay at home. YAY! we had been traveling every weekend since Fathers Day and I was stick a fork in me... done! Jason went down for a weekend in matagorda and Joe and I got to stay home. Jay left on Thursday and I really enjoyed my time with the little man.

On Saturday, I found out that the wiggles were in town. My favorite babysitter, Siobahn, graciously agreed to come with me. I think that Joe enjoyed it... but he just as easily could have been watching a television show. sigh. oh well! I enjoyed watching it with him.

Big Red Car

Joe's latest trick is to put his sunglasses on. It's too cute and he was really enjoying his ice cream cone.

We recently expanded to a new office within our same building. We tore out the carpet and tore down some walls. We put decorative concrete in there and got new desks. :) We are really excited for the direction that we are headed.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Did I mention Philly? and Danielle?

So... I know that many of you have read the post about Danielle. If you haven't... please feel free to read here.

But, Mom and I flew to Philadelphia and spent three and a half days with Danielle and then drove down to Crownsville to meet up with my ex brother in law to pick up my niece to bring her to Houston. :)

While in Philadelphia, we had a chance to drive through my old stomping grounds... sooo much fun! We went past our old house.

We stopped at Tanners Farm Market and had fresh ice cream made from their own cows. Joe loved his until he threw it on the ground and to which I did pick it up and put it back on its cone in the trash.

We drove down through New Hope and Washington's Crossing and loved the canapies of trees and the cool breezes. We drove for three days with our windows down. We drove over our very favorite one lane bridge in Bucks County. There's a house that hangs over the water. They used to have a horse that would hang out right in his stable next to the road. You could almost reach out and stroke his silky nose.
We went over to Donna and John's house (Danielle's parents) and let Joe run in the backyard. To us southerners (of which I am now one)... we always have fences that separate our back yards. Up North there is no such thing unless you have a swimming pool. I love that look of no borders. I even tried to show Joe what rolling down a hill was like... he looked at me like I was crazy.

We went swimming in Danielle and Todd's pool. Joe had his first experience with swimmies and loved it.

We went "yardsaling" on Saturday morning. Such fun and so different than down here in Texas.

Joe got to ride on Todd's lawnmower (otherwise known as a nonner).

What a special special trip for me and for Joe and for Mom. Since we've been home, Danielle has fallen prey to some type of blood infection that has her raging a fever. The whole time this is going on she is still trying on wedding gowns and putting on a brave face for everyone. Please please please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you!

Jacob's turning ONE, how did that happen?

My dear friend Crissy's little boy has turned one. I swear she just had him. How does this happen? :) So, she had her party the same weekend we were celebrating my mom's birthday.


Shannon and Shannon (Halfpint and O'dear)

The guest of honor!

"Joe... give Sarah a hug!"


this is so going up at their rehearsal dinner! HA ha ha ha ha

Pretty kelly with a handsome Cameron!

Can't you lose yourself in those eyes?

Later that night with his new weedeater!

Under the big top! :)

Mamaw bought us all tickets to the circus while we were in for her birthday. What a treat, even if Joe went to sleep halfway through it and during the loudest part of the circus. :) Go figure.

Thanks mamaw!

Emi looks pretty as a princess

just like riding a horse...

pretty little ely-phants

This is how Joe enjoyed most of the circus. nice! :)