Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rock and Roll San Antonio Half Marathon! Part 2

After breakfast, Jason and I walked back to the hotel and I used the facilities...  oh funny story.  So, I got to wear my cute new running skirt that had capri's underneath.  On my way to breakfast, it kept falling down and I was thinking... how am I going to run 13.1 miles with my skirt falling down?  I'm going to have to switch and I just spent way too much money on these!  :(  

I went to the restroom at Denny's and as I was sitting there...  I know, tmi...  I realized I had them on BACKWARDS!  OMG!  I changed them around and voila...  no more falling!  I am so purty!  
On the way back to the hotel, I had to take a picture under my corral number... 
There were tons of runners in the lobby getting ready.  Jason and I sat there and chatted.  
And finally we headed outside to get ready for starting time.  As soon as we walked out of the door of the hotel there were people everywhere.  There was music playing.  People were stretching and warming up and eating their energy gu's.  There was excitement and nerves everywhere.  Yellow numbers (half), red numbers (marathons) and blue numbers (relays).  There were cute shirts and no shirts and sleeveless shirts with funky arm warmers.  There were old people and young people and even one pushing a wheelchair. 

We walked out to my corral.  Each corral held 1000 runners and each one was separated by two people holding a rope.  I stood there chatting with Jason and all of a sudden Danielle showed up.  It was about this time that the first corral was sent off.  As each corral moved forward we would move closer and closer.  It took about 30 minutes to get to the starting line and it was sooooo neat that Jason got to stand with me almost all the way to the start.  Danielle broke off to get some more pictures.  
Imagine...  30,000 people all running toward the same goal.  30,000 people with hearts pumping and legs moving.  Some were running for someone.  Some were just running for the joy of it and some were running because of their own personal battles. 
Some were dressed for fun and to be recognized...
As we were closer to the starting line, Jason started to leave and kissed me goodbye and wished me luck.  A very nice lady asked me where he was going...  and we both said he wasn't running he was just keeping me company.  She asked me if I was running alone and if this was my first.  I replied yes to both.  She offered to run with me.  She was actually a running coach and she was going to run 4 minutes walk 1.  I agreed and secretly wondered if I was making a mistake... would it be better to run by myself?  Or with someone?  Oh well... too late.  Her name was Kim.  She turned out to be a Godsend.  I really do think that she was the reason I made it through.  
When we got to the starting line and crossed it...  it was electrifying.  We were there.  We had worked hard to get there and now...  it's time.  
Kim and I settled into an easy pace.  She was fantastically amazing.  We hit a hill early on and it winded me but the walk was right after so it timed great.  We ran through a part of San Antonio I had never been and the bands set up along the way were fun.  They were all different and unique.  
We really settled in and I was feeling fantastic.  I was getting periodic texts from Jason and he missed me at the 3 mile marker so he headed to the 8 mile cross.  Because of the way the course was laid out there were plenty of opportunities for he and my family to meet up with me.  

We refilled our water bottles and ate a gu along the way.  Kim would warn me to watch my step when there wre cups on the ground.  She would warn me when there was a curb or to cut a corner.  She warned me that mile 5-7 were a steady incline so to save some energy for that.  It was so nice to have a coach.  We ended up meeting up with one of her other "charge's" along the way and her sister and friend.  They turned what would have been a good race into a great one.  Having the company was nice and encouraging.  
this was mile 8...  feeling great.  
dropped my jacket with Jason and off I go!
Kim and I kept trucking and I got a text from Danielle that they were at mile 9.8 near the band. 
I rounded the bend and headed on.  The marathon and half marathon people split around mile 11.  I was starting to feel pain in my feet and my legs were beginning to get tired.  Oh yeah... and all that water I had been downing... yeah, bathroom was nearing.  Maybe I could muscle through.  
As I approached mile 11 though I found a porto pot that had NO line...  bingo!  I ran off and separated from Kim.  I really feel like this was my mistake if I could pinpoint one.  
This really killed my groove...  my momentum shifted at this point as if my body said... oh good, you stopped, we're done!  
When I took off from the bathroom I saw my family one more time... 
and kept going.  I really can say that I ran the whole next mile trying to catch back up with Kim but I think I killed at least two minutes in the port o pot.  
I made it to the Alamodome and came down a big hill...  oh yeah and you know what goes down... must come up!  The final 1/4 of a mile... yeah it was UPHILL!  Oh dear God!  But I made it.  I came around the top of the hill and found that finish line! 
I met back up with Kim and Miranda, then Connie and Crissy came running through.  We got our covers to keep us warm and got some post race food.  
from left to right: 
Miranda, Crissy, Connie, Kim and Me.  
Miranda and Crissy had been in a wedding the night before in HOUSTON and drove in, got there at midnight and ran the entire 13.1 miles.  CRAZY! 
I met up with Todd and Danielle at the family reunion center... 
and we headed towards Jason, mom and dad and Joe. 
Jason was so proud of me.  He was so excited.  It was sooo good to see him.  
Then we had to walk back to the hotel... with a stop along the way for a family photo.  
 this shows all of our shirts.  Mine had an arrow with a heart leading to my baby.  Theirs had a squiggly leading to 13.1.  :)  Thanks again Meg!  I love them! 
So we got back to the hotel and so I could shower and pack up.  Soreness started setting in and I stiffened a bit.  But, what an accomplishment. 
The organization of the event was second to none.  With 30,000 runners running, it never felt overwhelming.  It was so much fun!  
I achieved my goal and I seriously cannot wait to do it again.  
In fact... I am planning on doing the Disneyworld Wine and Dine Half Marathon on October 1, 2011.  5 month's post baby and I will most likely still be nursing.  I canNOT wait!  :) 
anyone want to join me?  

Keeping up with the Pregnancy: 16 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 16 Weeks
Size of baby: Baby D is the size of a Avocado 
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I honestly have no idea..... but maybe four?
Maternity Clothes:  Same ole 
Gender: two weeks til we find out 
Movement: Still  early although I swear I have felt the "popcorn" popping feeling.  
Sleep: I sleep pretty well.
What I miss:  still miss my sushi.
Cravings: marshmallows.
Symptoms: as long as I have something in my tummy...  we are good
Best Moment this week: running 13.1 miles!   :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Rock and Roll San Antonio Half Marathon! Part 1

Many of you know that I have been training hard for my very first ever half marathon.  I have blogged about my road to running on the other blog...  and maybe a bit on here but nothing in depth.  I used to be a smoker.  I smoked a minimum of a pack a day.  I smoked because I enjoyed it, I smoked because I could, I smoked because I was addicted.  I was a smoker!  If I found out that I was down to three cigarettes... come rain, snow, sleet or hail...  car or no, I was going out to get me a back up pack.  I was a smoker.  
 The thought of running to the mailbox and back was daunting.  I mean... really... who would willingly run anywhere let alone 13.1 miles.  I'm not even sure I knew what 13.1 was.  

I quit when I got pregnant with Joe.  I can never ever ever pick up another cigarette again!  Or I will be a smoker AGAIN.  

It all began with me trying to run to Joe's daycare and back.  Realizing it was about 3 miles and recognizing that I could maybe run .5 mile of that.  I set the goal to run the entire 3 miles without stopping.  The first mile starts with a step.  

I didn't follow a program I just started listening to my body and paying attention to my heart rate monitor.  I started to feel my body acclimate to the running and started to enjoy it.  Soon, Jason started getting into it.  We set our sights on the Fort Worth Zoo Fun Run 5k.  

When we crossed that finish line there was a feeling.  I decided to set my sights on a half marathon.  CRAZY!  Who would have EVER thought I... smoker Jess... would EVER run 13.1 miles.  So I started training.  

This weekend, we went to San Antonio for that dream to become a reality.  
Jason Joe and I drove down on Friday night and had dinner at Cracker Barrel and Joe charmed the waitress.  (duh)...  we checked in and went to bed.  Exciting, huh?  

Saturday we got up, had breakfast at the neatest Mexican restaurant and then went on over to the Alamodome where I was to pick up my race packet and check out the expo.  This is really where the energy began.  The music was playing.  Runners were everywhere.  I picked up my number and swag back and shirt.  It was real.  This was really happening.  

We wandered through the expo, spent too much money on items that I NEEDED...  (although the three major items I wanted I got and am sooo happy I did).  There were so many neat exhibits and I could have shopped all day with money I had no business spending.  ;-) 

I got to sign the wall... I ran for Danielle. 
We met up with my parents and Scheri and her kids.. I'll blog about that later with pictures.  :)  Then we met up with Danielle and Todd and had dinner and I was back and in bed by 9:30 pm.  

Sunday morning...  Jason and I awoke at 4:00 am.  We were going to have breakfast at Denny's.  We walked out of our hotel and they had set up the starting corrals (how we were releaased to run) right outside our door.  MY corral was literally right outside our hotel and up a half block.  And the streets were empty.  The energy was silently ready.  
As we were walking up to Denny's we came across the starting line and an empty street...
in two hours, this street would not look like this!

Jason and I ate breakfast, just the two of us and I can't tell you how much that one little breakfast meant to me.  His pride for me was just amazing and his support helped me get ready.  He, and his mom, had shirts made for me and my family to wear.  Design was made by my dear friend Meg.  She's amazing and I had so many comments on how cute they were!  Some of the Houston girls liked it so much that they, too, got shirts to wear.  They started sending me texts wearing their shirts.  

how cool, right?  
to be continued..........

Friday, November 12, 2010

Beauregard er I mean BUSTER

So... last week while Jason was at work, a puppy found him.  By found, I mean he was in the empty lot across the street and he kept running into the street and barking at cars.  So, Jason brought him into the office and for about half an hour contemplated keeping him.  When he began to chew on our rug he called Animal Control.  

They came and got him and then Jason had second thoughts.  He said he was way too pretty to be put down.  So, he went over there to check on him and told them that he had an adoption interest...  but that if he had an owner we didn't want to take him.  (obviously).  They told us there was a 72 hour wait period and then we commit to adopt, pay $50 and then they fix him and give him his shots.  

We brought him home and he's BIG.  He did get along with both Murphey and Joe...  but Murphey became very territorial over her bones....

 but they did finally lay down except that it looks like Murph is guarding the door.  Notice the remnants of a ball sitting next to him.  Yeah.... he's gone through three soccer balls!  SOCCER balls. 
 Beauregard er I mean Buster stayed in the kennel at night and did SO well.  He really calmed down.  
 We took him on walks and he actually listened to me fairly well.  I think he listens to me better than Murph does.  Go figure.  But, I have decided he doesn't look like a "buster"... he looks like a "Beauregard"... but I have been vetoed.  So, I just call him that between him and me.  :-)

He has sweet eyes and enormous paws! 
 which  means.... he is only going to get bigger! 
He has actually gone to doggie boot camp for awhile to learn his manners and to sit, stay heel.  And maybe retrieve a duck or two...  but we get to go see him.  

What do you think of our new addition?  :) 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Keeping up with the Pregnancy: 15 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 15 Weeks
Size of baby: Baby D is the size of a Apple 
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I think about 2 pounds gained.
Maternity Clothes:  a few shirts but can still wear my normal pants
Gender: Several more weeks. 
Movement:  I think so...  it's more of a "butterflies in my tummy" feeling
Sleep:  pretty good
What I miss:  Not really anything this week.
Cravings: sweet tarts and sweets in general.
Symptoms:  this baby LOVES to eat and HATES an empty tummy.  I still throw up if I have an empty tummy. 
Best Moment this week: getting to see the baby on a sonogram because it's little heartbeat was elusive.  BAD baby for scaring me and good baby because I got to see it.   :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Keeping up with the Pregnancy: 14 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 14 Weeks
Size of baby: Baby D is the size of a Lemon 
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I think about 2 pounds gained.
Maternity Clothes:  I love LILAC jeans and finally got the right size!  I also have some shirts that work for maternity. 
Gender: Several more weeks. 
Movement: Still too early although I swear I have felt the "popcorn" popping feeling.  
Sleep: I am in bed by 9:15 usually and sleeping fairly well.
What I miss:  Not really anything this week.
Cravings: sweet tarts and sweets in general.
Symptoms: morning sickness sticking around like a bad case of acne! :(   
Best Moment this week: having an appt on friday and will get to hear the heartbeat again!   :) 

My goal is going to be to take THIS exact picture each week.  We'll see how well I do.  :) 


So about a month or more ago Joe developed his love of Bobcats.  No, not the cat... the digger.  
you know... like this
So... I thought how cool would it be to have him dress up in his construction get up and have a bobcat to drive.  :)  We could make one.  I remember my favorite costumes growing up being the ones that my mother helped me make.  (salt and pepper shakers anyone?).  So... it was really a group effort (with emphasis on my mother) to make it a reality!  

I was so excited.  Joe was excited but didn't quite understand that it was made out of cardboard.  He wanted to actually play with it.  In hindsight I should have made him a forklift driver and let him ride his forklift around the neighborhood since he already has this... but no.  NOT me.  

He got home from his trip to Washington DC with his daddy on Saturday night.  We took him to the train on Sunday morning 

and then we did some final surgery to his constume.  Then...  he wouldn't put it on.  
Really? After all the work that mom put into it, you won't wear it?  Hmph.  

So... Mom and I put it in the front yard and we set up our chairs to hand out candy.  When he decides... ok... let's do this.  We get him ready with his hard hat and suspenders.  We step him into the bobcat and we try to go to the first house.  I had put on his crocs and not tennis shoes (problem number 1) and he loses a shoe.  So we have to take him OUT of the bobcat, put on his shoe again and off he goes.  I try to put it over his shoulders but he's not having any part of it.  

I did manage to snap a few pictures.  
 Mom would walk holding the weight of the "scoop" off the ground which made it a wee bit easier to "roll" which it wasn't meant to do really.  :-)

 then he refused to wear it any more, so I was going to be his bobcat and he would be the "driver"...  but nope. 
 he wasn't having any part of it.  It was a true accomplishment to get myself into this and then I couldn't stand up. 
 We gave up and went back to the house to hand out candy.  He actually liked handing out candy better.  His little face would light up.  These were our pumpkins. 
 Mine was the bat.  Mom's was the ghost. 
 All in all a different kind of halloween than we planned but sometimes... that is even better.  :)