Monday, June 1, 2015


Gosh, it has to be probably fifteen years since I've had a gratitude journal.  And I think even then I wasn't very diligent about writing in it.  But I was recently having a discussion with a friend about his routine in the morning.  He said that every morning he writes down either 3 or 5 things he's grateful for.  He also sets up 6 achievable goals for the day and then does them. 

It sounds so simple, right?  But by achieving small goals you feel accomplished and like you are working towards something.  As for the gratitude...  if we stop and actually think of the things we are grateful for, you will appreciate them so much more and thus live a happier life.  You know what happens with happy people?  They attract good things.  Good people, good things... a good life. 

So I made the commitment this weekend to start, for thirty days, writing down three things I am grateful for every day.  It will probably be done in the evening when I am putting my kids to bed. 

My grateful journal will not include them, because they are a given.  They are magic.  They are what's good in this world.  They are my miracle.  It will include things WITH friends and family but they will also not be the main focus.  Because... again...  they are my core.  They are my foundation.  They are what make me... me.  (remember my dad always telling me that I am a product of my environment). 

It can always include more than 3 but never less.  It can be simple things in life or bigger things.  But... for the month of June... I will be grateful for the life that I have been given.