Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jocelyn 11 Month's

I absolutely cannot believe that it's been a year.  this past year has gone by so lightening fast and so much has happened it makes me shake my head.

   20 weeks              &                              11 Month's

you can definitely tell it's the same baby...  but man oh man is she just a movin and a shakin!

We don't have her one year appointment until the end of May so I don't know her stats as of yet but she is eating table food and nursing a bit.  She is the happiest little girl...  and ADORES her big brother.  He still sings to her every morning and when he sees her outside at daycare she just grins and toodles right over to the fence.

She can sign "more" and "please" and "thank you" and "all done" and is learning her colors.  She has tons of artwork.

She is wearing 12 month clothing and size 4 shoes.  Her daddy thinks her clothes are too short but I keep telling him it's only going to get worse.  :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Overtired baby smelly treasured moments

My beautiful niece is in town for her spring break. This is the first time we have really gotten to spend time with her in 18months. And really.... Before that, when Kristin was alive, she made it so very difficult that enjoying emi was hard.

So I'm treasuring these moments with her. Savoring the young lady she's becoming. Studying each freckle, memorizing each look and dance move. Remembering her coming into this world, wondering about her future. It's not the one I thought she would have.... But it's the one she has and the one that makes her who she is. Smart! Intuitive! Empathetic! Loving, warm and so much a product of her mom and dad! The best of both of them.

And joe and emi are playing so well with each other. They run and laugh and create memories. They have sung songs and played drums, super heroes and athlete. They have had tickle wars and tummy sandwiches. They share smiles and secrets.

But poor joe is so tired, he ends his night with a bit of a temper tantrum. He cries and whines and tests his boundaries. He wakes up his sister who then won't go back down.

Then I rock her and rock her and nurse her and rock some more. And then, with a sleeping babe in my arms, still rocking.... Treasure each of these moments. Every.... Single.... One!

These are the defining moments. These little humans.... They're becoming adults. I know I don't parent the same as others. Shoot, I don't parent the same as my husband sometimes. But.... I treasure the ability to nurture their little souls. I love seeing the kind of big humans they're becoming.

These moments are fleeting. They are but a blink of an eye. It may not always be the right way.... But THIS little human....this one, (or two) I created... And one i saw come into this world. I shall treasure the things that make each of them a genius.