Monday, June 28, 2010

Family reunions.

Every year around Christmas time, My mother in laws family all get together to visit and have a big luncheon.  Kids run around and we all tell what the family is up to.  My first ever family meeting...  Claudette, one of the planners called out Jason and he stood up and said what he was up to.  Introduced me as his girlfriend and Claudette stopped him and said, in front of everyone... when are you two going to get married?  ha ha ha.  WE were both mortified.  ha!  

Turns out that we did soon after get engaged... ha!  but it definitely put us on the spot.  :) 

We try to make it and it's always sooo nice to meet up and catch up, even if I can't always remember everyone's names.  

We all met up yesterday at the "farm" in Lufkin and what a great time.  There were about 55 people there.  We had great food, lots and lots of kids, ( I swear they were multiplying before my very eyes)...  and I even got to meet a few that I hadn't had the opportunity to do so before.  
It really is such a special event and those of us that have super small family's, really appreciate.  :)  

There were horses, and tractors.  Food, drinks, the older, the younger and the in between.  They had thrown down a big piece of plastic and created a slip and slide.  Connie was in charge of the baby oil and Clayton was in charge of the water.  What fun that was!  ha! 

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kbarsch said...

I'm so jealous. I've always wanted a family like that to have reunions with--this will stay with Joe forever!!
p.s. you are SO good with your camera!!