Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Galveston Work Retreat

This past weekend we went to the beach for a work weekend.  No, really... it WAS a work weekend.  A lot of work was discussed.  We rented a condo at Pointe West right on the beach and we talked about the future of Chemsystems and Cement Colors.  We talked about how to help CSI (Chemsystems) grow and how to make CCI (Cement Colors) work as a houston based operation... not a Fort Worth based operation.  

Then... we went to the pool....

 the future of CSI (once mom and dad retire). 
 and then the beach...  Jocelyn's first feel of sand.  She's been to the beach but not to feel the sand. 
We walked on the beach and Chris saved a HUGE stingray or skate...  who was hooked on a fishing line.  Chris did cut him free and off he went into the wild blue yonder. 

We cooked dinner and drank some beverages.  We talked more work.  We got fired up.  We moved on.  We all agreed though... that our future looks bright.  And that us moving back to houston is a fine idea and we are so excited.  Having CCI next door to CSI will enable us to do lots of new things and have the support we need and the support they need.  

So... here's to the Board of Directors...  (minus the picture taker and plus Chris's wife, a consultant).

Jocelyn 20 Weeks

Age:  20 weeks
Weight:  12 lbs 10 oz..  16th percentile
height:  25 3/4 inches...83rd Percentile
Clothing Size:  3-6 month
Eating:  Just breastmilk but thinking about adding some cereal to it at night. 
sleeping...  a good sleeper.  She goes down about 9 pm and sleeps until 3:00 am usually.

She is rolling over back to front and front to back.  She grasps anything she can get her hands on and adores her brother.  :)  She smiles ALL the time and is really just an easy going baby.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Joe-Isms on Colorado Road Trip

So, Joe and Jason just returned from Colorado after ten days.  I missed my boys like CRAZY and it is sooo good to have them home safe and sound.  But Jason shared a few "joe-isms" that happened over the course of the trip.  

First of all, Joe has always been inquisitive.  He has regularly asked why!  Why!  WHY!  WHY!  to the point of driving us crazy.  :-)  Well on the trip..  their first stop was in Albuquerque to see my aunt and uncle.  On the way he asked jason...  "Daddy...  who are we going to see again? "  
Jason:  "mommy's aunt and uncle.  This is grandpa's sister"  
Joe:  "tell me bout them."  

too cute.  Well apparently Jason was answering other why's with "I don't know, Joe".  
Joe... " Daddy!  Stop saying I don't know and tell me about it!"  

so our days of distraction are gone.  ha!  

Having a boy means that bathroom stops are really easy.  You just pull over and well the world is the bathroom.  I know some think this is really tacky... but it sure is quicker than finding a bathroom and then trying to escape without some kind of snack or drink or ice cream thus taking a lot more time than just pulling over and watering the tumbleweeds.  

Well they were pulled over onto some grass and a truck blew past them too close for Jason's comfort and he muttered "effing jerk!"  (expletive changed for politically correct reasons).  Well Joe turns around and says clear as day...  "EFFING JERK!"  

Jason just about fell over and then said...  Oh no, Joe.  We don't say those words!  Well he did...  and they passed the truck again to the tune of "EFFING JERK!"  

The next morning, Joe had his bagel on a plate and it fell to the ground.  Sure as day...  Joe looked down at the bagel on the floor and said....  "well SHIT!"  

Oh no, Joe.. we don't say those things!  :-)  

Jason got a quick language lesson.  snicker snicker.  

Monday, September 12, 2011

Dear Joseph, Somewhere along the way....

You went from being "Joey" to Joe and often times Joe Joe.  I just re read the letters I wrote to you on the night before your birth and from your one year birthday.  You were so little.  You were so squishy.  You were so "joey".

I just spoke to you on the telephone.  You are on a train ride with your Daddy in Colorado.  (Coldorado, in your words).  You are riding the "Polar Distress train" and having the time of your life with Hot chocolate, a new train whistle and a conductors hat.  You've been on a "great american road trip" with your daddy and you've been so good.  You've colored and watched Fireman Sam.  You've saved people and had adventures.  You ate rocky mountain oysters (ewhhhhhh) and steak fingers in Amarillo.  You swam and drew on the windows (with window paint).  You charmed my aunt Jan by climbing in her lap.  You are so grown up.

You're so tall.  I remember you being so tiny and me being able to swing you up... and now... now you are almost over half as tall as me.  I can still lift you up but it's more of a hefting.  But you are still MY baby.  You still wrap your arms around my neck and tangle your hands in my hair.  (although now you ask me if you can play with my hair).   You fall asleep on your own but if you have your way...  it's attached to my pony tail.  You now have full on conversations with us.  You strike an attitude when you don't get your way.  You mouth off.  You make jokes.  You test boundaries.   You love limitlessly.  You experience joy with every inch of your body and display it through your eyes. 
 You have become a little boy before my very eyes.  You started preschool and know how to spell your name.  You know how to count.  You are independent enough to play outside by yourself.  You have your own opinions and you know how to share them.  I can see personality traits that are mine and that are your daddy's.  I can see both sets of grandparents in you.  But above all... you are my Joe Joe.

I just know that I am going to blink again and you'll be starting high school.  Take it easy on me kid, okay?

I love you to the moon and back!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jocelyn 17 weeks

 Miss J is 4 months old...  how did that happen?  I think I've said that before.  It just all goes so stinkin fast.  I weighed her about a week ago and she was about 12 lbs 2 oz.  I don't know how long she is.  She is rolling from front to back and almost all the way from back to front. 

She is talking a lot and making all kinds of fun noises.  She grasps my fingers and her toys that hang from her play mat.  She is very alert and so smily.  Her giggles are priceless...  and even better when they are a result of her brother.  :-) 

Joe sings to her every morning and I hope they continue this wonderful friendship.  He is getting to go on his first "great american road trip" tomorrow with his daddy...  they are heading to Colorado to meet up with Big Daddy and Bebe.  Baby J and I were going to go too but with work and having to fly out to meet them... it would just be too hard and too expensive.  Sooooo...  baby J and I are holding down the fort.  AND mom is coming up on Friday to keep us company.  :-)