Monday, April 8, 2013

2013 Bluebonnets

When you live in Texas, it's a yearly tradition to go take pictures in the bluebonnets.  It's the state flower of Texas and there are fields and fields of them.  Mostly on the side of the freeways... which is unsafe for picture taking.  

So, my friend Angie and I went out in search of a safe field of bluebonnets to take pictures of our kids.  We found one about 3 miles from Chappell Hill.  We loaded up one carseat and two boosters in the backseat of my mini cooper...  with camera, blanket, chair and treats in the back.  

The wind was blowing...  the flowers were plentiful... the kids were ...somewhat cooperative.  

 Stop and smell the flowers...
 A mom and her boy.  :)