Tuesday, September 30, 2008

If I can just make it to..........

I started to type out this whole thing and my darned formatting keeps screwing up.  This is all just recent and it's annoying me.  I think I am just "annoy-able" lately.  

I keep saying... if I can just make it to October, I will be fine.  If I can just make it to November I will okay!  If I just make it to January...  and I suppose that we all say that to a degree.  In fact, my  mom was going to name her new blog that.  But I think she is going to go with "No time for Nancy"... wonder where I get it from?  I guess it seems that I do all things half assed since I am too busy trying to do too many things.  

Anyway... so, we now have every single weekend in October filled up and all of it for fun stuff but I think all of the fun stuff is going to kill me.  Do you ever feel that way?  

So, the above pictures were taken at Sears this past weekend.  Mom and Dad came up and Dad played with Jason and Mom and I went to a "just between friends" sale.  We had so much fun and found the cow costume for $3.25.  Can beat that!  :)  So, we decided to go ahead and take some pictures of him and he cooperated beautifully!  He was in such good spirits!  

Now, if he could take those good spirits and continue with them through the night when his teeth seem to be hurting him.  He stands up and says... MOOOOOOMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE continuously until I go and retrieve him.  He's so cute!  I just want to smoosh him! 

so...  do you guys ever over extend yourselves?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I am starting Boot Camp

Yep, you read right... I, am starting Boot Camp on Friday.  I have decided that round is NOT a perfectly acceptable shape... it's a ROUND shape.  I don't want to be round anymore.  So... I went to a central market cooking class with a friend a week and a half ago... and she told me about this Boot Camp.  

It's Mondays and Fridays at ... are you ready???  5:45 am!  EEGADS!  I will need to get my tuckus up at 5:10 am (shoot, who am I kidding, Joey gets me up then anyways)... and get myself ready and leave to be there by 5:45 am.  Then I will systematically get my butt kicked all over TCU's intermural field.  All in the name of vanity.  :)  

I really really really hope it's successful.   I would love to be 10 pounds lighter when all is said and done.  And then keep it off.  That will be the magic trick.  If I can lose these ten pounds... keep it off... maybe when ...  *WHEN* I decide to have another baby I will be better off.  

And, don't be getting scared on me.. I am not planning another baby ANY time soon.  I love having my one... he is the light of my life and I love being able to dote on him.  :)  You can't tell that, can you?  Nawhhhhh... he's not spoiled.  

I am just tired of my clothes not fitting.  I am tired of feeling round.  I am tired of the muffin top that should not be there.   SOOOO...we shall see how it all goes.  I will trudge my sorry tuckus here to the computer afterwards and tell you all about it.  This is the start of a new me.  :) 

Happy Wednesday people!  :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sarah and Joey sittin in a tree... K.I.S.S.I.N.G

As many of you know, some of my dear friends came up before the storm to "ride it out".  They weren't so worried about the storm itself, but rather the loss of power afterwards.  Good thing too, since they didn't get their power back on for a solid week.  Crissy, my friend, has an eight week old and then a daughter who is Joey's age (well a bit older but who's counting).  

We had such fun (except we missed our other dear friend Cindy and her daughter Reagan).  The kids played so well together I took a video of their first bath together but I can't get the darn thing to upload.  Grrrr.  
So... here are some other piccies from their visit.  More to come.  

Crissy flew her mom up yesterday so that she could ride back home with them today.  I am sad.  It is so quiet around the house.  
Jason is on his way home from Lufkin with Joey... so I have the entire house to myself.  I hate it.  Although, I have gotten the floors swept, the refrigerator cleared out, the office put together... and now I am about to go and watch mindless television.  :)  

Did I tell ya'll that Jason had totaled his car?  Yep.  He was driving home from fishing (told you it was detrimental to his health)... and he hydroplaned, hit the median, crossed four lanes of traffic, down an embankment, up and embankment, across two feeder lanes, across another embankment, through a metal fence, across another lane and into a parking lot where he hit a parked car.  Did I mention that this was all backwards??? Did I also mention, I was on the phone with him the entire time it was happening?  SCARY!  

So...  he got a new car.  He is so excited!  :)  It might have been the downfall of our marriage if the car search had gone on much longer... as we don't do big purchases together very well.  Too many chiefs anyone?  :)  

But, we survived and he is as excited as a kid in the candy store.  :)  I am so excited for him.

My family is all getting back to normal except they still have some evacuees at their house.  They were down at their boat this weekend and it's in fine shape, except for some water that crept in when the door blew open.  The pier doesn't have any water though so when the water in their holding tank is gone... it's gone for now.  But the boat is okay!  

I hope that you guys in Houston are doing okay and getting it all cleaned up.  I am thinking about you daily!  :) 

love and hugs from Fort Worth! 

Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Ike Pictures.

South Shore Harbor before the hurricane.  

and during Ike.  Look at how high the water is!  It's up to the pool.  

Don't think this is supposed to be there, you think?

you can see how high the water got in South Shore Harbor. 



Kemah boardwalk. 

Lakewood Yacht Club

More of Lakewood. 


Right by Taylor Lake. 

Also right by Taylor Lake. 

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ike kicked Houston's ARSE end.... but they survived to tell the tale!

One Galveston resident doesn't want his car to float away.  :-D

Well...  it's bad.  But everyone that I know is okay, thank God.  There has been some roof damage.  There has been a lot of fence damage.  There has been some flooding (where we are) but nothing that bad and everyone is safe!  That is what's important.  They were without power for about 48 hours and just got their running water going again but the clean up is beginning.  
It's amazing.  After Katrina and Rita, I will say that the evacuation process went amazingly smooth...  all things considered.  Those that did evacuate are safe.  However, the destruction is amazing... absolutely breathtaking.  My parents boarded up their windows and lost power about 3:00 in the morning...  when Ike made landfall at 2:10 am.  They said that the gusty winds were amazing.  It howled and buffeted their house.  My inlaws in Lufkin said that it was scary.  Trees were going down, limbs were falling and power was out across East Texas.  
Now, Gas is skyrocketing and grocery lines are long... like out the door to the main streets long.  They are ringing people up by calculator.  Patience is running thin and people are scared.  Power is gradually being restored around Houston but Galveston is almost a complete loss.  I am sure that many of you have seen the national news pictures... and I am not sure that I can provide you any new pics that you haven't seen...  as I am not there, thank goodness.  
We, up here in Fort Worth, are doing great. We have some friends that came up to avoid the loss of power.  They have an eight week old and a 17 month old.  To be without power would be very very hard.  And, to tell you the truth, I have loved every single second of it.  I am quite sure that Crissy and I may have been separated at birth....  from our color coordinated closets to peanut butter on our waffles... exact same car and identical inchbug name labels for our sippy cups...  it's been delightful.  Joey and Sarah are having a blast!  I fully intend to show the videos at their rehearsal dinner.  :-D  When I get it downloaded, I will be sure and include it on here.  :)  They are so cute together...  Sarah can show Joey new tricks and Joey is showing her some of his favorite unsavory characteristics.  ugh!  He is also learning that what's his is hers and what's hers is hers...  good first lesson to learn.  ;)  
Anyway...  things are good.  The family is safe. The friends are safe.  They all have roof's over their heads and even Dad's boat is safe.  Thank you for your prayers and thoughts.  If you could keep them going for awhile, it would still be appreciated. :) 

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Things that I love and other miscellaneous stuff

So... I haven't been very chatty lately.. guess I just haven't had a lot to say.  :)  I will say it's a rarity though, I ALWAYS have something to say.  :-D

So, I am sitting here in my office, it's VERY quiet... Jason is at home recuperating from a bout of the stomach flu (every half an hour all night long), poor guy.  I think that Hurricane Ike has people battening down the hatches and it's quiet.  I kind of like it quiet though.  I have time to do some work, catch up on some stuff, write in my blog and keep up with those other blogs that I love.  nice, huh?  

Hurricane Ike is baring down on the Gulf Coast and where a couple of days ago, it was aiming at Corpus Christi... now it has circled it's wagons and is heading straight for Houston.  Ick!  I will say that *we* have been very lucky of late...  much to the chagrin of the Nawlins residents...  but we have been very very lucky.  Lets just hope and pray that it's not as bad as it can be.  That Houston gets hit with a bit of it without it really being the BIG one.  

So, a few of my friends are evacuating up here. It's really an excuse for her to come and see me (yay!)...  and I can't wait.  It will be such fun to catch up... and have time to do so.  And, jason is scheduled to go fishing... but with his current state of recuperating, I don't know if he is going to go or not.  Although he did say with all of their cancellations, it gives him a better chance of winning something!  HA!  My optimistic hubby!  :)  Go get em tiger!

I also had a bit of a frustrating night with my toddler... I don't know if he is cutting his molars or if he was just cantankerous... but he slept oh... maybe six hours last night!  YAY!  that's fun!  A hubby throwing up, a cranky baby and one tired mama!  

So, it got me to thinking of things that I love.  :)  

I love remembering my Frankie kitty and seeing this picture of him snuggling with his Sammy
I love a good thunderstorm.  (as long as it's not scary)
I love the smell of the trees after a good rain. 
I love bubble tea
I love old friends! 
I love new friends!
I love that smile I get from my pookie that is reserved just for me.  
I love when he lays his little head down on my shoulder.  
I love when my husband unloads the dishwasher.  (small but mighty)
I love when my husband comes up behind me and nuzzles my neck.  (not done nearly often enough).  
I love caramels with the white sugary stuff in the middle. 
I love talking to my mom on my way to work. 
I love the smell of my baby right after his bath.  
I love seeing him play in the plant in the backyard with his little play spade.  
I love cool crisp fall mornings.. waiting on this one to happen still. 
I love when my dog snuggles up against me, even if she does take all the covers. 

I love a good bargain at Pottery Barn!!! 
I love that I have not killed my new plants... yet.
I love a good long bath with a book. 
My beautiful niece and her gorgeous eyelashes! 

I love being a wife. 
I absolutely ADORE being a mom! 
And I work hard at being a good daughter and friend. 

What things do YOU love?  :) 
Have a happy thursday everyone.  

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

more about blah blah blah....

such a happy boy!  :)  

I don't have a lot to say lately... thus why there hasn't been any posts.  I just don't have much to say.  Is that writers block?  Boredom setting in?  Just nothing to report.  

I have met some new friends.  :)  Friends make a new area much better...  I had a great dinner at a restaurant called Uncle Julio's... some margarita's... good food.  I really enjoyed myself.  I may even get to see them again!  GASP!  ;)

Tonight I got to meet another nestie...  and had sushi and sake.  Two of my favoritist things in the whole wide world...  I got home and Jason had had a good night with poodle toots.  Life is good.  

I am keeping my eye on Ike... I will say that I don't miss having to worry about hurricanes... although I still have to worry about my friends and my family.  My dad is, I am sure, worrying about his boat...  he has double and triple tied everything...  taken canvas down...  etc etc etc.  :)  

Now, I only have to worry about tornadoes...  but for now, there is enough other stuff to worry about.  

Good times... good times.  :)