Monday, July 16, 2012

I love being the last thing.....

Dear Joseph and Jocelyn,
I love being the last thing you see before your eyes gently droop to sleep. I love knowing that all is right in your little world. I hope it stays that way.

I know in reality that's not possible. But for now.... At 5 and 1.... You can be ironman and fight the evils in the world. You can climb mountains (or chairs that look like mountains) and reach the summit on your own. You can say that when you grow up you're going to be a superhero and a race car driver. If your 1, you can point and get your ideas across. You don't settle for "no" because surely that means to try again.

I love seeing you, Jocelyn, tap the sides of your paci as your little body finally gives in to the sleep you need to reenergize. Knowing you're dreaming of the world and all it's marvels.

I adore snuggling with my joe joe knowing that someday the last place he will want to be is snuggled up with me. :-) having you play with my hair and tell me you love me.

You two are the best parts of me and I love love love being the last thing you see as you move off into slumber.

I adore you more than all the nutty bars, wine and adventures in this world! (and that's a lot!). :-) you two are my angels.

Your mommy