Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pump it Up

 This past weekend we drove to Houston for two birthday parties and a brunch for Joe and myself.  :)  
Jason had to drive to Lufkin to visit his grandparents.  So, Joe and I drove in on Friday night and crashed.  Saturday  morning dawned ...  mom and dad watched Joe while I went for a run in Memorial Park.  It was nice to get to run that park although hotter than the hinges of hell and it's only end of may!  oye!  

I got the chance to go see my best friend Nicole and visit for a few minutes before getting ready for the party at Pump it Up!  Reagan was turning three and Cindy, being the smart one, decided to do the party at a facility other than her house!  sooo smart!  and Soooo fun!  

I think I had more fun than the kids.  :-)  

 Viula and Mathis, Abby and Cindy, Delia and Cooper

 Brandi, Amber and Lila (Brandi's daughter)

 I thought it would be a great idea to climb up and go down the big slide.  I drug my friends with me.  :)  Cindy was in this shot too but she wasn't smiling. 
Don't worry, I made them all do it again! 

 Joe finally loosened up and had fun. 

there was pizza and cupcakes. 
and princess chairs.  
family photo's (it's hard to get much of me when my dear hubby is so stinkin tall).  :-)

and other family photo's. 

Great fun to be had by all!  Thank you Macmichael family!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The people

I put the details of Joe's party in another post.  This post is all about the people.  The people who made the party special.  The people that make our lives special.  :)  Although not everything was ready when the guests started arriving, it all went remarkably well and I think a good time was had by all.  :) 


 Peeky boo! 

the ever talented and wonderful Meghana sitting with Abby.  Joe doesn't look terribly happy but he had just woken up.  :) 

The Rice Table for digging. 

the cake before cutting and after all the grubby little fingers got to it.  :) 
the guilty parties. 

the band. 
pretty ladies
Scheri and my Joe Joe.
Coleman and Reagan...  swing swinging. 
 One tuckered out coop and one happy mamaw!
 the food we sent home with the houston family's.  :)  I didn't want it all in MY house.  Ha!

the houston family's who could come up and see me.  Soooo grateful that you guys came!  And for those that were absent, you were missed! <3

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Details

 Joe had his 3rd Birthday party last Saturday and it was a blast.  Thank GOODness the weather cooperated as it wasn't supposed to.  (for the second year in a row). 

What follows are some of the details.  :) All of the printed stuff (invitations, signs, thank you's) were made by "custom by meg". 

 We planned it at home because this was his birthday present and we wanted him to get to enjoy it.  

The cake was made by Monica Hall.  She wasn't happy with it but I thought it was fantastic.  
 Digging time and building time.  We used rice instead of sand which was 1) easier to clean up and 2) wouldn't hurt Joe's hand.  

 the goodie bags had a "dirt dessert" in them which was chocolate pudding with oreo cookies crumbled on top.  Then some gravel (otherwise known as puppy chow) and then a forklift cookie which was also made by Monica Hall.  

the outside food and "beverage" table.  Yes, we had adult beverages as well as water, capri suns, sprite, and of course a selection of milk etc.  The cava sangria was fantastic and came out of a Southern Living magazine. 


Joe got a new t-shirt for his party.  :)  
It was made by a seller on Ebay.  She was fast and inexpensive and wonderful. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Joe gets a forklift

Well most of you know that Joe loves forklifts.  He loves them so much so that he has his birthday party theme centered on forklifts (and building stuff).  :) 

About a month or two ago, mom found a pedal forklift online and HAD to have it for him.  She bought it and had it shipped up here.  It has been sitting in our warehouse for about a month or longer now and we have had to hide it from him.  Too funny.

Well the day has come, and his birthday party is on Saturday... so mom wanted to give it to him early.  We started out by getting him excited for it. 
"what is your favorite thing in all the world, Joe?" 
We then put a blanket over his head and said we're gonna surprise you! 
he would pull it off.  It was a game. 

When his daddy pulled in, we got serious about putting the blanket over his head.  We walked him around to the back of the car and...  revealed. 

He has since talked, dreamt and drooled over it.  Only problem is that Mamaw has to push him...  he can't or rather won't, pedal!  ha ha ha.  but man oh man, does he love his forklift.  :)

thank you mamaw and papaw!