Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ho! Ho! HO!

So, belated Merry Christmas to everyone! We had a GREAT holiday and I cannot believe it's all over. As I mentioned in my last blog, the weekend before Christmas I went shopping and then did most of my baking then on Sunday. As I was cooking my Red Velvet Cheesecake... Joey helped by eating his oreos. He loves him some oreos! :)

We worked Monday and Tuesday. My parents, sister and Grandfather came in on Tuesday night. We had a nice evening and visited... it was fun. I love having family here.

Wednesday morning, Jason went on in to work and Mom, Kristin, Joey and I ran some errands. We all met back at the house and Jason, Dad and Grandpa all went to work on my new gas logs for the fireplace. Kristin and I went to work on cooking and Mom was watching Joey. He went down for a nap, Kiki and I got to a place where we could play a little with her new Iphone. All was wonderful in the world.

Joe woke up, Mom went to get him... dad, Jay and Grandpa still working on the fireplace... and Kristin and I are back in the office on the computer... when we hear a LOUD crash! Jason yells...everyone OKAY? When we start hearing moaning. Mom has gone down and gone down HARD! She was taking a picture of the three boys when she backed up and Murphey was laying there. She tripped over the dog and caught herself on her left wrist.

Off they go to the emergency room. Luckily it was an outlying ER and there was only one person in front of her. The ER doc took one look at her arm and said... yep broken... and most likely will need surgery! :(

They splint it, give her some pain meds and send her home. :(

She is out of commission completely for the rest of the visit.

Kristin and I finish cooking dinner which, by the way was amazing. :)
We had Jalapeno Cilantro Soup (recipe from Reatta's)
Potatoes Dauphinais (from Shannon)
Individual Beef Wellingtons
Brussel Sprouts with lemon and capers
with Red Velvet Cheesecake for dessert. :)
Mom did make it to the table but couldn't eat much. :(

Christmas morning dawned early! Jason heard Joey stirring and couldn't WAIT to let him see what santa had brought. He brought him out and put him on his new tricycle that honks and makes good car noises. He also got a vacuum which sings and talks to him. He loves anything that makes noise... good boy! :)
We all woke up and unwrapped presents. I am pretty sure we all made out like bandits!

Had to get a good pic of mom in her spot with her splint. She's pretty doped up though... not that you can tell until......
the next pic!

After breakfast and all was said and done, the Meikle's all packed up and headed home. We cleaned up, changed the sheets, vacuumed and got ready for Jason's parents to arrive Christmas evening.
We had a GREAT time with them. Bobbie and I went shopping the day after Christmas and got some great deals and generally just had a GREAT time. We talked to mom several times who was in the ER again in Houston where they confirmed surgery but she had to wait until Monday to see the Orthopoedist. (spelling?)
I have some more pictures of the Davis visit but I will leave you now with a video of Joey last night. He was such a good boy and is just generally in good spirits. We (as you can tell) ask him what Santa says and he is quick to say back... "HO! HO! HO!"
I hope you enjoy a little bit of Joey love!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I had the best day today!

So, I really do love Christmas time but usually (and this year has been no different really)... it's so busy with rush rush rushing that you don't get to stop and enjoy it.

This weekend, we were supposed to go to Houston for a wedding. One of Jason's cousins is getting married in League City and we were going to drive down there for the two hour reception... and as much as I was looking forward to seeing all of the family, I was dreading ONE more four hour drive. It seems that we have been driving to either Lufkin or to Houston EVERY single weekend and I am just D.O.N.E and needed a break.

Unfortunately, it came in the form of pink eye for Joey and a small ear infection. SO... we decided to stay home.

This morning dawned warm and balmy (go figure) and I let Jason sleep in. I chased after my darling tasmanian devil for awhile and then got my list out for the next week's menu's. I then started putting together my grocery (and recipe) list for the things I want to cook. I now had a game plan. :)

I decided to brave Central Market for my groceries and was looking forward to it. I love Central Market. I could (and did) spend hours there... I love their produce. I love their selections. I love that they are mostly organic and "green" and always feel a little bit better for having shopped there. Like I have done something to produce a higher quality meal for my family. How domestic is THAT! :)

So, I got the kiddo ready, me ready and with list in hand, off we headed. First to Einstein Bagel for their Winter Blend of coffee which is a little bit of java heaven in a little bag. :) While there, Joey found a cute little TCU undergrad and flirted a bit. He played peekaboo and ran around and grinning at her. It was super cute.

The, off to our final destination. We spent about an hour and a half there. I will say that it was nuts! There were far too many carts for the aisle space. But, Joe and I just wandered the aisles looking at all of the fun things. We meandered through the produce section almost fondling (sorry) each of the veggies. I even found New Jersey Tomatoes there... now for you southerners that means nothing. But for this yankee... OMG... there is only ONE tomato I can stand to have in a sandwich with nothing other than mayo and some salt and pepper. And THAT, my friends, is a New Jersey Tomato.

I was so excited. Joe ate some pineapple and flirted with the young (and some older) ladies. He talked to the gentleman and certainly made most smile with his absolute adorable-ness. (d'uh!).

I ended up buying WAY too much and spent WAY too much doing it... but I think the enjoyment factor should be weighed in there too, no?

Joey and I headed home and he fell asleep, which I expected... and when we got home, Jason got him in to finish his nap... and I got to go get my nails done. :) Bliss, I tell you!

Now, I can't wait to get to cooking. I am going to try to get some of my side dishes and my Red Velvet Cheesecake done tomorrow so that when my family, and my inlaws, all get here.. I am not trying to get it all finished. :)

So, quite possibly for today only... cause tomorrow is another day... I am FULL of the holiday spirit! It all just goes by so fast!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas time in Lufkin... :)

First of all, let me say HI to Dawn! Mom told me that you read my blog religiously and I want to thank you! :) I miss you and Richard and the kids so much and hate that we live so far away now. So... thank you for reading... now... MAKE A COMMENT! ;)

So, we went to lufkin this past weekend to do Polar Express with the kids on Saturday. Bobbie had pajama's made for each of the boys with their names on it and we had pictures taken Saturday morning. They are super cute... if you get a chance, go to this website... go to View Portraits and under Davis Family the password is davis in all lowercase. She did a nice job of capturing their mischievous nature.

The Polar Express was wonderful! It was in Palestine... and the conductor welcomes everyone aboard... they serve hot chocolate and some type of treat... we listened to the reading of the book and then sang Christmas carols. The kids were all in their pajama's and they were given a bell by Santa Claus. You ride the train to the North Pole and see the lights. It's really really special and I look forward to it again next year!

My mother in law always decorates for each season and I swear she channels Martha Stewart and it's just so put together. I love going to their house... it has such a homey feeling and there is NOTHING like one of their fires in the fireplace... big ole wood burning fire! I love the smell! I love the feeling! I love the warmth with a glass of wine next to it. :) And this year's decorations were no exception except for the fact that she is having a hip replaced on January 5th and can hardly walk! But needless to say... she has all of her decorations up with the help of my sister in law, Erin. And this year, they have an addition... a talking christmas tree named, Douglas.

Joe LOVED this tree. It has scared each of us out of our minds at one time or another as we have forgotten that Douglas was there and he would all of a sudden serenade us. But, Joe LOVED this tree. He would stand in front of it and touch it, it would start singing and he would dance. He danced all weekend long. He stood there, touched it, and bounced, marched and turned himself around. It was adorable!

Then Jackson came over and he liked the Santa that sang... "have a holly jolly christmas" while gyrating his hips... it's hysterical. The two of them split their time between the two singing ornaments in their matching pajama's.

In this one you'll notice Joe and then you see a bit of a blur. That's Jackson. He jumped at just the precise moment that my camera took the picture. But, it's appropriate because the two of them are so precious! They play and play and play... and romp and Jackson takes care of him... UNTIL Joe tries to take one of his toys. Then... well, then ... you can figure out what happens with two very head strong boys!

We opened presents on Sunday morning and had a wonderful lunch. This year we had done something different and instead of buying each other presents, we adopted a family in need and each contributed to making this a very special christmas for them. We all shopped together and had a say on what to get off of their list. Erin and Bobbie wrapped everything and delivered it and I hope that they enjoy their special stuff as much as we enjoyed getting it for them.

We then bought for the boys and got each other stocking stuffers and that was it.

Once we got lunch on the table and all sat down, ready to eat, I looked over and this is what I was greeted with....
yep... Joe was SOUND asleep in his high chair with the fork in his hand! Poor little guy had just had so much fun... it plum wore him out! :)

Shortly after lunch, the three Davis' all headed home and luckily... little joe slept the ENTIRE WAY! We were worried that he would never go to sleep last night... but he did! :)

He has just grown so much and so fast. He is understanding what we are saying. He is now signing more, please, red, black, yellow, the words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, yes, no... and he just makes me appreciate my life. How can you not smile when you think of an 18 month old saying... HO HO HO with gusto? Will he turn out as well as Colby? Dawn... what did you do to have such a gentle, well mannered son? I should be so lucky! :)

Happy Holidays everyone... stay tuned... for pictures of the fishing Santa! :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like

So this past weekend we stayed home and worked on our Christmas Decor and it finally is all up (after a lot of fluffing) Can I just say that I hate fluffing! it sucks! My fingers are all cut up and my scratched from all the tree fluffing... but now that it's done, it looks great! :)

We have the tree up, the garlands strung, the nativity out and my advent calendar hung. Jason was in charge of the outside lights and he wants to make some changes but his one's heart desire was the below Santa.

Yes... that IS santa in a bass boat with a fish... he will now reside in our front yard next to the oh so pretty garland and pretty lights. We are so white trash.

I ordered it off of Ebay... and we have not received it yet. As soon as he is all hooked up, I will be sure and post some pictures for all the world to see.

I have also been doing most of my holiday shopping online... LOVE it ... they wrap it, they send it... and all I have to do is sit and point and click! FABULOUS! And through I have gotten like $75 back! WOOHOO!

I have not bought Joey's presents or Jason's yet... need to work on that. How many days til Christmas???

And... it is supposed to snow tonight. Flurry actually, and it's not supposed to stick... but snow? I am so not ready for this! It was 60 degrees this morning when I left my house... now it's like 40 something. BRRRRRR!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Recent Holiday Pictures

So we recently had our pictures taken with Melissa Goldberg up in Grapevine and she was divine. I mentioned her in an earlier blog and she was fantastic and I am more than THRILLED with the results. :) She seemed to really capture my little Joe and well, let's face facts... that's what I wanted. Ha!

So, now I am faced with the dubious task of picking which picture I would like to use for our christmas cards... but, please enjoy looking at them. :)

So, we are now 1 year and a half... how did THAT happen? He is understanding so much more. I ask for his foot and he sticks his foot up to receive a sock. I ask him to put his arm through and he reaches through. I even ask him to stand up in the bathtub for a second so that I can wash his "bits" and he stands up. He is so smart! :)

We have decided that separation anxiety is the thing to do though and MAN is that tough on mom and dad! We can't leave him without him breaking into fits of tears. And, in the morning, me especially. It seems that going to the bathroom is no longer a solitary activity... who knew. I sure hope THIS stage doesn't last too long.

And, the word NO is definitely a dirty word in his book. And knowing that he is understanding more and more, well... the temper tantrum takes on a whole new face. I know that it is this hard headedness that will make him successful later in life and I know that his insatiable curiosity will mean that he will be thorough. I know that his comedian side will mean that people will enjoy being around him. His fearlessness... well it means that he won't be afraid to try. And his mischeviousness, well THAT means he is a creative thinker. All good things LATER in life. But for now... now, it means that mommy is getting a few more gray hairs. :)
Daddy, aka, Jason, has been a real champ though, especially on weekends and at night. He recognizes when my patience has worn thin ... ner and usually takes him right off of my hands which then means that I feel horrible. But... this parenting thing is definitely easier with two!

We are almost ready for Christmas. But what's funny is that Jason was in charge of the outside and I was in charge of the inside. And we were both happy with the outside UNTIL he left tonight to go get him some cokes and he had the chance to see some of what the other houses have done and he said that we look like very half assed. He is now reconstructing our Christmas lights. Say NOTHING of the Santa in a Bass Boat that is due to arrive this week. :::Insert eye roll here::::::

He is too funny! But, now, we might resemble the Griswalds. I will be sure and take some pictures and add those as they come through.

We had a great Thanksgiving in Houston... although a bit long. Turns out that almost a week now, with Joe walking and curious and doing stairs is just hard. Mom and I spent most of the time chasing after Joe saying... No... No... not a toy Joe.... no, we don't hit our friends... Nope... we don't hit mommy either. Mom's house is VERY kid friendly but her cabinets aren't. And the mixer fast became the new motor car of the century... thinking nothing of the cord that was trailing behind to the cat's dismay. So... after about a week of no schedule or not much of one (being in a different house and a different bed)... mom and I were supposed to drive home. Well, she got sick sick sick... so Joe and I ended up flying home. And as much as it threw me for a loop cause that wasn't what I intended... it was nice to be home. Nice to be back in a routine... and nice to just... be. :)
I guess that's what "home" is, right?

I suppose that I have babbled enough. :) But, as the Christmas holiday fast approaches... it is a time to celebrate family! Celebrate our blessings! And celebrate and be thankful for all that God has given to us! I am one lucky girl!

I am sure I will blog again soon... but for now... good evening... good Sunday and I wish you all a wonderful week! :)