Thursday, February 4, 2010


Do you remember me posting this about losing weight? About starting boot camp in 2008?

Do you remember me posting this about starting weight watchers in June of 09?

Well... it is now 2010... I am still holding on to the same 15 pounds. I am on weight watchers again... have stuck to my points. Have stuck to my flex points. Have even tried eating MORE per the suggestion of my dear friend Meg... I am exercising three to four days a week. Like cardio exercising with a little bit of low weights thrown in.

Wanna know what I get for all of my hard work?

Get on the scale today and


UP 1.7 pounds from last week.

I am tired of being fluffy.

I am tired of being round.

I am tired of no progress.

Well this is one heck of an upbeat post.

I'm gonna go cry in my special k. (just kidding).

This is what I say to YOU weight loss!


Delia said...

Try going to the meetings. The one time I went to meetings every week...I did best. The other times I did it all online, I usually just did OK. Plus, you can ask questions. Try it for a month and see what happens.
I still think you look great.

Ingram Gang said...

You are funny. You really are more beautiful than you give yourself credit for, but I know that hearing that doesn't make the pounds fall of. I'll be praying that the Lord would assist you in this journey and that when you've lost the weight you would like to lose that his name would gain the glory!

Jessatsea said...

thank you guys! and Thank you (THANK YOU!!!) for the prayer... it's just so frustrating and I know that people have much bigger worries than this.... I'm just having a down day I guess.
thank you!!!

Dana said...

i think you look great!! BUT i know how you feel - i have 10 more to go. i obviously have no words of wisdom otherwise i wouldn't have 10 more to go ;p. i can join you in the frustrated misery though :-)

macfamilytx said...

I think you look gorgeous! But I get it. I've still got 10lbs to go to get back to pre-pg weight and then have plenty more to go from there.

charlotteL said...

I saw this on Oprah that if you really want to get the lbs off you need to work out 5 times a week.

smcmichael said...

First of all you look great the way you are. All of our self images are probably way off from the way others see us.

Have you looked into crossfit? It's a bit expensive to join, but it works. Also a different diet plan may be needed to get you where you want to go. Everyone's body responds to dieting differently. I for one am extremely carb sensitive. Low/no carb diets like Keto work best for me. Just food for thought and if you want to look into getting a serious trainer let me know. I have friends in the fitness industry in the DFW area. I'm sure they know someone.