Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dearest Jocelyn... Happy 4th

When I think of how you have changed me as a person and as a mother, I sometimes shake my head.  I have told the story many times of when I found out that I was having a boy... I cringed as I didn't know what to do with a boy.  Well, I quickly learned. 
When I learned I was having a girl...  I secretly jumped up and down...  I would finally get to buy bows and dresses and do your hair and makeup.  I would get to do girly things with you like have tea parties and play dolls. 
Your Bebe used to always tell the story about Jason coming out and saying "have I got a deal for you!"  All of us parents go into this crazy parenting role with preconceived notions of what we will get you to do and what you won't do.  And each of you have your own little personalities that tell us we are crazy for EVER thinking we can dictate to you what you will and won't be. 
In four years you have taught me the definition of patience.  You are extremely headstrong and this is going to take you places.  You want to DO everything and NEVER have it DONE for you.  And saying NO to you is not an option.  I have had to learn to let it go and let you do it.  It may not be the way I want it done but you are learning. 
You have taught me the value of telling those you love that you love them.  Not a day goes by that you don't come up to me at random times and places and say "Mommy!  I love you!" 
You have taught me that it's important to pick your clothes wisely.   But that
 it's less important to choose prints that go together and more important to wear it with attitude. 

You have reaffirmed the value of loyalty.  You may pick on your older brother but, even at 4, you defend him and won't let anyone hurt him.  You get VERY upset when you think he's being mistreated in any way. 

 Putting on makeup is fun.  You love to put on makeup.  You love to paint your nails.  You love to paint your toes.  You are such a girly tomboy.  No one will ever put a label on you... you will break those labels and do it with a laugh on  your face. 
The importance of accessorizing!
and of course...  "letting it go" Frozen style. 
I once said that if I had to sum you up in one word it would be "Joy".  Everything you do...  you do with enthusiasm.  You love joyously and you even cry joyously.  I adore the fact that you bring joy wherever you go and I know that as you grow, that will remain steadfast.  You are my angel girl...  and I couldn't be more proud that you are MY daughter.  I get to call you MINE! 
 Happy 4th Birthday Jocelyn Anne Davis.