Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Phone Pics

Jocelyn never ceases to amaze me with her fashionista styles...  so there are quite a few of her in her outfits.  Many of which she has chosen.  God help me!  :)

 My sweet little sleeping pumpkin. 

Joe is loving reading.  He is reading to his new "girlfriend" Kaitlyn.  :) 

Whenever I drive Joe to school, we always take this picture before he gets out of the car. 
 I love my snuggle bun. 

 One of my goals with crossfit has been to be able to climb the rope.  I was finally able to do it this month. 

 Happy Wednesday y'all! 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

It was the Sunday before Halloween and Mom and I took the kids to a pumpkin patch out off of Spring cypress.  The lines were long but the kids had fun.  :)

 Sibling love

Good time to be had by all.  :)

In a word...

I look at this picture and if I had to caption it... it would say 

This is a two year old's version of unadulterated JOY!  

Right before there was hiding

and more giggling
and a bit of posing for the camera.  

 Life involves changes and God brings into our lives just what we need.  
Thank you to Crossfit Equality for bringing these remarkable ladies (and gentlemen) into my life.  Thank you for showing me what I am capable of and not to accept the word "CAN'T".  

Monday, November 4, 2013

A bunch of adorable little girls... ahem... Mario's birthday party

So we decided to throw an impromptu birthday party for Mario's 33rd birthday.  He had no idea and doesn't like a big fuss over him so he never would have agreed.  

I drove in from Fort Worth that Friday afternoon.... picked up the cake and headed home to prepare.  

Everyone started coming over around 6.  Christina and Raul were the first to arrive but only after they walked into a neighbors house by accident.  :-)  Luckily it's a friend who happens to live in the same exact house as me.  They walked in like they owned the joint only to realize it wasn't my house.  HA ha ha ha ha ha ah!  :)  

Jocelyn and Layla took off like a house on fire again.  Layla into the high heels and Jocelyn holding her hand and skipping off.  And another friend brought her 2 year old too, Zoe.  She jumped right in with the girls.  

Joe was much more fascinated with Kaitlyn who is 14 and "his girlfriend".   She was a great sport and let him read to her and sit on her lap.  

 Tell me this picture isn't "JOY" personified!  Love these girls!
The whole crowd at the end of the night... and we had a halloween workout to do the next morning.  HA!  We made it through... and mostly smiling.  HA!  What a fun night! 

Dose of Cuteness and other miscellaneous

A couple of weeks ago some friends from Crossfit Equality came over for dinner with their two adorable daughters.  Their eldest is Jocelyn's age and the two had such fun.  Layla walked around in Lj's high heel princess shoes all night long.  :)

 Liliana is just 1 year old and cute as a button. 
 Isn't she gorgeous?  Look at those eyes! 
 The next day, my parents and I took the kids to the Cyfair Fire Festival and Joe got a chance to sit in the firetruck. 
 "Do NOT push any buttons!" 

 Now THAT is a tall ladder.  :-)
 the kids got the chance to hold and spray the hose. 
 Any good firegirl needs an apron, a pink fire hat, white sparkly shoes and a pink dress! 
 Jocelyn wanted NO part of this picture.
 But she would crawl up on the old timey fire truck.  :) 

 We went into the smokey RV to prove we could get out if we needed to. 

 And Joe needed to do the old timey truck too.  :-)

It was a really  nice event and the kids had a great time.