Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Back in May, Joe was graduated from Pre-K.  These crazy Texans go all out... I don't remember doing this but hey... it's fun and it's cute!  :)  Primrose had their ceremony at a nearby church.  They all get to wear their caps and gowns.  They walk in, sing some songs, come up by class and sing some more and then they were presented with their diploma's. 

 So very proud!

 Jungle Cats... ROAR!

 I'm not a little tot!

 Jocelyn amused herself with walks with Papaw and drawing. 

 I want to be...  IRONMAN when I grow up. 

 Mr. Wilkes, Joe's teacher. 

Running with friends and Lj of course, walking with Papaw.  

I can't believe my baby is starting Kindergarten in the fall.  So big!  We decided to keep him at Primrose for Kindergarten.  He thrives on the structure and one on one attention.  
My baby is growing up.  :(  

Monday, June 18, 2012

Take me out to the Ballgame!

Last year when we put Joe into baseball it was kind of like herding cats.  The kids were really too young.  Joe could have cared less about playing the game... he was doing pirouettes out on the mound and you want me to run the what?  We had to force him to go to the games.  

So this year...  we put him in again, hoping for a different outcome.  And... we were right.  What a difference a year makes.  

 This year... he was ready and excited.  He played and "got" it.  He hit the ball.  He ran the bases.  He caught balls and tagged kids out. 

 Well, this was almost "baseball ready".  :) 
 There was lots of giggling and fun.  The coach's and asst coach's were fantastic. 
 There were secrets told. 
 And they waited their turn's to bat on our ChemSystems buckets. 

 They had a precious mascot. 

 there might have been a bit of crying in baseball...  but it wasn't long lived. 

 Joe got to play "pitcher". 

 They had a great team. 

And they played their last game on Saturday.  Afterwards we had a great team party where they got trophy's and medals.  They all swam and had a great time.  The parents even had such a nice time we decided to play soccer together in the fall.  

Truly... what a difference a year makes.  :)  

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Birds Got Married! **again** :)

Last week, our friends, the Birds came through town, dropped off their kids and had a romantic two days in Galveston before we descended upon them with their kids and our kids.  :)  

Our kids had such a great time together.  

We went to the children's museum, the train and frozen yogurt.  They went to Nasa and lunch.  They played on a water slide in our backyard.  They swang and played superheroes, fought, squabbled and snuggled.   They tattled on each other and played Wii, read books and had adventures.  These are the days they'll treasure.  

On Saturday morning, we packed up after Joe's baseball game and headed to Galveston.  
 played on the beach, ate sand and lunch.  Jumped in the surf and cried over seaweed (Jocelyn). 
 built sandcastles and ate sand
  made fashion statements.
and had family moments

 lounged by the pool (she climbed up here herself)

had a GREAT dinner at Olympia just off the strand.  All of the kids were so good!

and had a stroll

 played for awhile

Then we headed back to the condo, got the kids in bed and sat outside listening to the sound of the ocean for a bit.  

Sunday Morning, Jami and Biggs celebrated their anniversary by renewing their wedding vows.  They are so cute!  

Happy Anniversary Jami and Biggs!