Friday, February 14, 2014

It's really Valentines day?

Where is the time going?  Oh right... in week by week increments.  :)  I cannot believe that it's February 14th and the last time I posted was about my cruise.  I haven't even covered Christmas. 

Truthfully, I haven't even downloaded the pictures from Christmas yet.  Time seems to get away from me.  On the weeks I have my kids... life involves a tight schedule from sunup to sundown....  wake up, get ready, get the kids ready, out the door.  Work all day.  Slide in Crossfit...  pick up kids.  Dinner, homework, bath, tv and bed.  By the time I get those two monkey's into bed and asleep...  I'm exhausted.  Wash, rinse repeat.  :) 

The weeks that I don't have my kids... I try to schedule things that I can't get done with them.  So....  life is a bit hectic right now.  I think it may settle down but then again...  something new will upset the apple cart and I'll revamp again.  :)  I guess that's the circle of life though. 

My dad is semi retired now... which means he comes in one hour later than he used to.  He's even walking to work three days out of the week.  I have officially (as of last saturday) moved into his office.  It's nothing more than symbolic at this point...  but it's kind of nice.  I am more productive as I'm not interrupted as much.  There has been a little bit of resistance but most are happy to see the changes that are coming down the pipe. 

I have quite a bit of travel on the agenda for work too...  trips to Fort Worth and one to Wisconsin (in march... brrrrrrrr). 

Anyway...  I'll get those pictures downloaded... I promise.  :)  But for now... life is good.  I like my new normal.