Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Joe the Fireman

So, Joe goes through a series of obsessions with tv shows as well as motorized vehicles.  He has loved forklifts as long as he could walk and it quickly moved on to trains and firetrucks.  His current obsession is firetrucks and with luck...  a firetruck came to his school for Fire Prevention Week.  

He was enamored!  

The pictures kind of speak for themselves.  :-) 

Monday, October 24, 2011

First Business Trip for CSI

Last week, we had a trade show at Borders Construction in Tucson, Arizona and a second one in Phoenix, Arizona.  Mom and I flew into Tucson, with Jocelyn on Monday afternoon.  I took the BOB stroller with us so that it was easy to maneuver, however bulky it is.  We had no trouble getting checked in and through security.  J was a perfect angel... smiling and talking to people.  We even had to change planes in Denver and still... no problems. 
This was her first plane ride and she nursed on take off and fell asleep. 

On the second flight, she nursed again but stayed awake cooing.  But happy. 
When we arrived to Tucson Airport... we went to the rental car agency and the agent was very nice but had had a bad day.  We chit chatted away and he was nice enough to give us an upgrade... a Dodge Charger! 
Now a Dodge Charge is FUN to drive.  It had a lot of get up and go.  It had neat features and lots of room in it's interior.  What it did NOT have...  room in the spacious trunk for the BOB stroller.  And I tried.  and I tried.  And I TRIED to squeeze it in.  I almost hit the reset button several times until I finally took all of the wheels off and put the actual stroller in the car next to J's carseat.  :-0  But it sure was fun to drive...  just wish he'd upgraded me to a mini van.  :-) 

We had our tradeshow in Tucson and Baby J did more selling than I think we did.  Everyone came by to see her and she just performed.  Then she fell asleep in the sling. 
After the show, we loaded up and headed north to Phoenix.  We had a day to ourselves... we were lazy and let J roll around on the floor on a blanket...

and then we checked where our show was the next day... got the lay of the land.  went to the Desert Botanical Gardens.  I have some photo's... I'll share when I get them.  :-)  We had a very nice dinner in Scottsdale...  at a place I never thought would have been so nice...  I had my doubts when they brought my wine in a plastic wine glass.  :-/  But.. it was truly one of the better steaks I have eaten in a long time. 
 they even had a mechanical bull.  ha!  And...  as a special... they serve apple cinnamon cotton candy.  It was surprisingly delicious.  :-)
We did our second show which was a bit different than the first...  and headed to the airport.  This picture was taken at the gate...  right before we boarded.  What a great representation of CSI.  :-) 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chirp Chirp

I know it's been quiet around here.  I haven't had a whole lot to say and I can't download pictures on this computer at work so I have to do them at home and ... well when I am at home, I am running around behind a 4 year old and keeping my rolling 5 month old from hurting herself.  :-)  Or cooking dinner or cleaning or nursing  or pumping or just sitting with an exhausted and stupid look on my face. 

Jocelyn is now 23 weeks. 
(before I get a rash of shit from people... yes I know my 4 year old still has a pacifier... no, I don't care as I know he won't go to high school with it and he only sleeps with it. And yes, I AM self conscious of it and NO it's not a battle I'm willing to wage right now) 

Age:  23 weeks
Weight:  Not sure
height:  Not sure... tall.  :)
Clothing Size:  3-6 month but a few 6 month
Eating:  Just breastmilk.   
sleeping...  She is such a good sleeper.  I put her in her bed awake and she throws her little legs in the air and falls to the side.  I do admit I went and checked on her the other night though and she was sleeping on her tummy!  :(  No real way to keep her from rolling these days.  

She is rolling over and over and over and over.  
I put her down at one spot, make sure it's clean and clear of choking hazards and let her roll.  Literally.  :)  She laughs and giggles and things it's great fun.  

Joe absolutely loves to make his sister giggle.  When he does...  and finds something that works...  he continues to do it over and over and over.  :-)  

Joe is just growing up so fast.  Some funny "joe-isms"  

Joe:  I NEED some ice cream!  
me:  why do you NEED ice cream?  
Joe:  it's stinkin HOT outside!  

alrighty then.  

Me:  Joe... why are you eating raw noodles?  They sound horrible ... shoot, they ARE horrible.  Give me a minute and I'll cook dinner.  
Joe:  You... just watch the baseball game, ok? 

He has a major love of fireman right now.  He has a fireman costume and he has emergencies he fights all the time.  Well last week was fire prevention week so Primrose brought in a firetruck.  He was so excited he talked about it all week long.  On Thursday  morning, he awoke at 5:30 ready to GO!  

I went up to photograph it since it was such a momentous occasion.  I have pictures on my camera... and will upload them later.  But this one will have to do in the meantime.  
He was in awe.  He looked at them with adoration and just loved it.  What an exciting time!  :) 

These two kids are just the light of my life.  Can you tell?  :-) 

this is my Aunt Jan and Joe from when they were in Albuquerque.  :)