Monday, August 3, 2009

Did I mention Philly? and Danielle?

So... I know that many of you have read the post about Danielle. If you haven't... please feel free to read here.

But, Mom and I flew to Philadelphia and spent three and a half days with Danielle and then drove down to Crownsville to meet up with my ex brother in law to pick up my niece to bring her to Houston. :)

While in Philadelphia, we had a chance to drive through my old stomping grounds... sooo much fun! We went past our old house.

We stopped at Tanners Farm Market and had fresh ice cream made from their own cows. Joe loved his until he threw it on the ground and to which I did pick it up and put it back on its cone in the trash.

We drove down through New Hope and Washington's Crossing and loved the canapies of trees and the cool breezes. We drove for three days with our windows down. We drove over our very favorite one lane bridge in Bucks County. There's a house that hangs over the water. They used to have a horse that would hang out right in his stable next to the road. You could almost reach out and stroke his silky nose.
We went over to Donna and John's house (Danielle's parents) and let Joe run in the backyard. To us southerners (of which I am now one)... we always have fences that separate our back yards. Up North there is no such thing unless you have a swimming pool. I love that look of no borders. I even tried to show Joe what rolling down a hill was like... he looked at me like I was crazy.

We went swimming in Danielle and Todd's pool. Joe had his first experience with swimmies and loved it.

We went "yardsaling" on Saturday morning. Such fun and so different than down here in Texas.

Joe got to ride on Todd's lawnmower (otherwise known as a nonner).

What a special special trip for me and for Joe and for Mom. Since we've been home, Danielle has fallen prey to some type of blood infection that has her raging a fever. The whole time this is going on she is still trying on wedding gowns and putting on a brave face for everyone. Please please please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you!

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Kimberly said...

Gorgeous pics and I'll be praying!