Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wiggles, Ice Cream and new office

This past weekend was my second in a row that I got to stay at home. YAY! we had been traveling every weekend since Fathers Day and I was stick a fork in me... done! Jason went down for a weekend in matagorda and Joe and I got to stay home. Jay left on Thursday and I really enjoyed my time with the little man.

On Saturday, I found out that the wiggles were in town. My favorite babysitter, Siobahn, graciously agreed to come with me. I think that Joe enjoyed it... but he just as easily could have been watching a television show. sigh. oh well! I enjoyed watching it with him.

Big Red Car

Joe's latest trick is to put his sunglasses on. It's too cute and he was really enjoying his ice cream cone.

We recently expanded to a new office within our same building. We tore out the carpet and tore down some walls. We put decorative concrete in there and got new desks. :) We are really excited for the direction that we are headed.

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kbarsch said...

COOL wallpaper--I love the new layout!! I so would have gone with you to see the Wiggles--I love shows like that!
Congrats on a growing business, too. Give Joe my love and kisses (=