Monday, April 27, 2009

The Beautiful Miss Isabelle

I got engaged in January of 2005. I met my "internet" friends at a "knot gtg" in April. We all planned our weddings together and in fact many of us attended each other's weddings last minute. One in Chicago and one in Wisconsin. :) This was my first get together and I met Genevieve and Amber and Shannon first. I remember walking away from the event saying... awhhh man... I liked them. I sure hope they liked me too. We all had our dresses fitted together at the incomparable's Arlene's. And many times we went out for sushi at Zake afterwards. It was truly the only place we could talk ad nauseum about weddings and no one got offended. Oh how much skinnier we all were then. No offense ladies!

This is Amber's wedding... this was the one in Wisconsin and we had such a great time!

So, I first met Genevieve in April and she was already married. She was the first... however I got to know her JUST as she was moving to San Francisco. She was a bridesmaid in Ambers wedding though and I really got to know her much better there. Why am I telling you all of this? Well, Amber, Genevieve and I all got pregnant within month's of each other. Sadly, Amber miscarried her beloved twins at 9 weeks. Genevieve and I were heartbroken. (not as much as Amber, of course... but just so much at a loss!).

Amber was a lady though. She accepted and embraced our pregnancies, even co hosted a shower for me at my house. Unfortunately... we didn't get to celebrate Genevieve's pregnancy quite the same way. But she did give birth, just after me, in San Francisco to Isabelle.

This past weekend was the first time I got to meet Miss Isabelle. And she was perfect. She was the polar opposite to Joe. She was the definition of a little girl which is how she got her nickname, Belle. She was so well behaved. She was in my parents house for almost 9 hours and didn't get into ONE thing. And she charmed not only me but the masses.

It was during the opening of gifts that I had the chance to hear the most precious little "AGAIN" out of her. I was tickling her and when the giggles would stop she would very daintily look at me with those gorgeous blue eyes and say... "Again!" I fell in love!
It is difficult to capture the spirit of a two year old on digital film... but this little twinkle you see in her eyes was there all day long.
She can count to ten already. She knows names of people and her vocabulary is unreal. Definitely a visible difference in girls and boys. At least MY boy! :)
She was looking at pictures of Joey and asking me... "Who's that?" and I would say "joey" and she would look at me and repeat... "JO-EY".
and I just love this little deer in the headlights look.
I can 100% attribute Miss Isabelle's sensitive nature, inquisitive style, gentle demeanor and amazing intellect to her wonderful parents. How blessed she is.

So, Mr. Joey has it tough tough tough. :) He has three beautiful girls that he gets to surround himself with regularly. Well, far more than that... but these three that were born within days of each other.

How special that one day they will all get to know each other and know that their mom's were equally as amazing and I am so very lucky for having THEM in my life. The internet is a spectacular thing.

And I cannot wait to meet the newest round of "internet" babies to be born!


Lisa said...

awwwhhh what a good story! It's the craziest thing...that Knot/Nest! =) I have never seen pics of her before, She's beautiful!!!!

Jess said...

Aw...what wonderful memories!

finleyanne said...
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finleyanne said...

Isabelle is so beautiful~

I disagree with your weight comments, you and Shannon look the same to me! Thin and gorgeous.

Delia said...

I agree - you guys all look great still.

Jessatsea said...

I agree that THEY look great! :) I am way more fluffy than I used to be! I'm sorry I lumped them in though! HA!

Genevieve said...

I was shocked to see this post. I agree, seeing as she is my daughter, that she's a sweetie, but as mom to the child, I find that you often take the child for granted a little as you spend so much time with them.
It was so sweet to hear how much you enjoyed her, she enjoyed you as well, as she has been doing "bee in a barrel" ever since your visit.
I only wish Joe was there to play as well.
we miss you muchly and can't wait to see you again. perhaps this August.....

Halfpint said...

Those pictures don't even start to do Miss Isabelle justice. She is so pretty.