Thursday, March 12, 2009

Toddler... for sale on ebay.

One good toddler for sale. Already comes with shots and is in reasonably good health. Loves cuddles and hugs. Has been known for the occasional temper tantrum and whining.

Likes to play with lawn mower ... baby lawn mower of course. Oh yeah and LOVES the vacuum. So helpful... oh is he helpful. Has been known to mop even.
Has some sleep issues when sleeping alone. But if sleeping plastered to your side...well then that's okay. Only kicks a little.

Gives kisses... oh the sweet kisses.

Dances... loves any type of music.

Has a GREAT sense of humor and loves long walks in the park.

Ok... maybe not for sale.

There is no price you can put on the love of a child, is there? :)


Lawfrog said...

Oh sure, go ahead and make me think I could buy a housekeeper/toddler and then snatch him away from selling...I'm reporting you to eBay!;)

Ingram Gang said...

So funny.
I love it! Sometime it is tempting....
But I am opting to send mine off to the grandparents for the weekend. This way, they will be returned. :)

Lil Miss K's Mommy said...

I'LL BUY HIM!!!!!!! lol
No there really is not. I could not agree more. He is so cute!!!

House of Brodt said...

Oh no, you don't want to really sell him, but would you be interested in a "Child Swap", lol! We could start a new reality phenomenon, hehehe!

Nikki said...

I'll take him!! :) Too funny and too cute! I love that first pic of him too!