Thursday, November 1, 2012

Random pics of what we've been up to....

It's been a busy couple of month's.  And when I would usually update my blog was when I was at work...  ... and now I am actually working.  :)  So... here is a collection of random photo's. 

We've had birthday parties at bounce houses...

Spending time with friends and their kids

Joe is learning to ski

Daddy is skiing again at 70

And not only being able to do it, but he was willing to try.

There were lots of kids in jammie's.

The love of sisters

Joe caught his first fish with Big Daddy

Jocelyn loved reading books with big daddy

And daddy

Can you see the mischievous glint in her eye?

Jocelyn takes after her brother and loves the lawnmower

Mom found a pic of my dad and we finally realized who my daughter looks like!

We did more skiing

We had our first ponytail

Our 15 month appointments

Cute belly's

She is growing well! Being happy! Living life.

A whopping 23 lbs 12.5 oz at 15 month's. 

More to come later with more pictures. :-) 

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Lawfrog said...

Your kids are super cute and it has been a busy time for you! And what is this about working at work? Um...NO! That is prime blog updating and Facebook time. Get with it ;)

Also, your Dad is 70? He looks fantastic, I would think he's in his early 60s at most.