Monday, November 4, 2013

A bunch of adorable little girls... ahem... Mario's birthday party

So we decided to throw an impromptu birthday party for Mario's 33rd birthday.  He had no idea and doesn't like a big fuss over him so he never would have agreed.  

I drove in from Fort Worth that Friday afternoon.... picked up the cake and headed home to prepare.  

Everyone started coming over around 6.  Christina and Raul were the first to arrive but only after they walked into a neighbors house by accident.  :-)  Luckily it's a friend who happens to live in the same exact house as me.  They walked in like they owned the joint only to realize it wasn't my house.  HA ha ha ha ha ha ah!  :)  

Jocelyn and Layla took off like a house on fire again.  Layla into the high heels and Jocelyn holding her hand and skipping off.  And another friend brought her 2 year old too, Zoe.  She jumped right in with the girls.  

Joe was much more fascinated with Kaitlyn who is 14 and "his girlfriend".   She was a great sport and let him read to her and sit on her lap.  

 Tell me this picture isn't "JOY" personified!  Love these girls!
The whole crowd at the end of the night... and we had a halloween workout to do the next morning.  HA!  We made it through... and mostly smiling.  HA!  What a fun night! 

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