Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I am flying to Wisconsin. I am flying to Wisconsin in March..... When it is a balmy 13 degrees... Which is 8 degrees warmer than it was yesterday. Lol. But this has nothing to do with hope..... Ha!

I just read an article on hope. It says that we have a shortage of hope. Hope is not to be mistaken for optimism which is the general feeling that things will work out well. Hope is a game plan. It is a plan for good things to come your way and for how you are going to get there.

We can't just dream about good things happening.... We have to learn ways to MAKE good things happen. And then have confidence in your ability to make it happen. Whether it's make a new friend out of that new girl at the gym, find that new job that makes your days worthwhile or get over that person who brings you nothing but pain and heartache.

Is hope directly tied to self esteem and believing in yourself? And if it is.... How do we work on our own self esteem? Because really.... People can tell you that you are capable but if YOU don't believe it.... It won't happen.

I think I have always been optimistic but I'm not sure I've been hopeful. I hold onto things for too long which hinders my ability to set up my game plan for tomorrow. I keep talking about doing a vision board for things I want in my life in one year, five years and so on. I suppose my lack of hope has prevented me from doing it. That and what if I do it and then none of things on it come true? So if I just don't do it.... Then I won't have things to not come true.... Follow me?

Boy is that self defeatist. 😱.

My past does not dictate who I am or who I am going to be! My New Years resolution was to be authentic to me and what I want. I am doing ok with that. I have had to stop myself though and say.... No! That's NOT what you really want or think. Say what you really think. I don't do it all the time though as it's not natural to me and my people pleasing.

So.... I am hopeful for the future... And now I am going to put together my game plan. :). Anyone wanna be hopeful with me?

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