Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dear Lord... please oh please

make my son who is perfect in every other way...  transform into the same perfect child but also one who sleeps.  I hope I am not asking for much and I really really do appreciate the fact that I have this wonderful little being.  

He makes me smile and laugh at a moments notice.  

He can reduce me to tears with the bat of his long little eyelashes.  

He can invoke the silly side which can be anything from me singing gymboree songs to me dancing around naked in the bathroom trying to keep his attention from the ever elusive kitty litter in the corner.  (sidebar... can you please keep him from actually attaining his goal and climbing into the kitty’s ‘sandbox’?)

He brings out a tenderness that any other mother understands but that non parents just can’t possibly know.  They can’t possibly know...  I didn’t know.  I thought I knew... but man was I wrong.  

I am guessing that he will make me mad more than once in his lifetime...  usually it will probably revolve around his safety and his disregard for it...  but luckily this hasn’t happened yet.  :)  

And... he has the ability to bring forth real frustration... usually centered around his lack of communication.  I understand that once he starts talking.. I won’t ever be able to get back to the quiet that I get now...  but this guessing game is really frustrating.  Mostly at 2:00 in the morning when I am trying to get him to sleep for the second straight hour. Which brings me to the crux of this prayer....  

Lord, can you please (pretty pretty please with a sleep sheep on top?) make him sleep?  Just give him the ability to lay down his sweet little head, close his little eyes and sleep.  I love it.  I miss it!  I daydream about it.  I know he will too, one day.  I may not even be able to keep him up, if he takes after his father.  

I am not even asking for straight to sleep... if he cries or fusses or needs to be rocked, that’s okay...  just help him STAY asleep.  This mommy is about to lose her ever lovin mind.  She is losing it.  Seriously.  She is seeing things where they aren’t... she is having a hard time finishing her sentences and she still has to function.  

Oh yeah... and Dear Lord, can you please keep me from sticking hot forks in my husbands eyes?  I only really feel this way when he is sleeping THROUGH the two and a half straight hours of me fighting with my son to get him back to sleep.  

thank you for listening...  

Your faithful (albeit sleep deprived) servant.  

ps.... if you wanted to enlighten my husband on WHY it’s a bad idea to brag about how *easy* it was for HIM to get the baby to sleep the night before is a bad idea... I won’t stop you!  

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