Friday, March 28, 2008

My Conversation with a Telemarketer

So we had a little bit of a rough night last night with sleep... again.  Who am I kidding, it’s no different than usual... it’s just been 11 month’s of sleep deprivation and I am tired.  T.R.D tired!  ;)  

So, this morning, we slept for about half an hour longer than usual and the phone rang just as we were stirring.  This is how the conversation went...

me:  “hello”

Telemarketer... from now one TM:  “May I speak to Joseph Davis?”

me:  “sure”, and I put the phone up to his ear as he’s babbling.  

me:  picking the phone back up...”he doesn’t say much... he’s only 10 month’s old.”  

TM:  “he’s 10 month’s old?”

me:  “yep”

TM:  “he’s only 10 month’s old?”  (did I stutter?)

me:  “yep!”

TM:  “Well is his father named Joseph Davis?”

me:  “nope”


me:  “ha ha ha... NO”

TM:  “Are the last four of his social 5555?”

me:  “nope”

TM:  “oh... okay, sorry.”

Ha ha ha ha... that was fun.  I only put J Davis in the phone book as we are all three J’s, so I thought it was appropriate.  Well, now I get calls for Juanita, Joseph, Joe and more.  I spose I need to pay to have it unlisted... but what good would that do?  

Anyway...  I found it funny...  hopefully you will to.  

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