Friday, November 13, 2009

pack em up, mov em out...

Jason needed wanted a new pair of waders. I do believe the man owns like 6000 sets of waders but I hear that they're just like potato chips.. you can just have one. OYE!
So we ordered them rush rush and then they came in the day AFTER he got home from Rockport for fishing. HAAAAAAA ha ha ha ha ha. Anyway.. here he is in all his glory.
Then friday we headed out for Lufkin for our nephews birthday. But before we did, I baked a rum cake and this is Joe's first ever beater that he could lick. He liked it!

NO P... this is MY jeep!


The birthday cake... isn't it pretty? It tasted just as good.

"Big Daddy and a NONNER!" we heard this ALL weekend long.

the two older boys yelling.

then of course P had to try it out.

We had a great relaxing weekend and bebe got her christmas card of her boys. :)

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