Monday, June 14, 2010

Dear Joseph

Usually on your birthdays I write you a letter. This year I am about a month late.

I can't believe you are three years old. I can't remember my life before you, nor would I want to. I truly think I came alive the day you entered this world.

I remember the hope, the naivete, the ignorance. Gosh the ignorance. I don't think I ever thought it would be easy. But when they say you forever live with your heart outside your body. They aren't lying.

I can find a million ways in my head that you could possibly hurt yourself. I invent things to be scared of. I want to wrap you in a cocoon of bubble wrap. However that would not work. How will you become the man you are destined to be?

You, at three, are figuring it all out. You have this way about you. Your insatiable curiosity and your warmth! You bring smiles to the faces of all you come into contact with. Strangers giggle over your adorable nature. You want to sing everyone a song. And you'll tell anyone who'll listen about your love of forklifts.

For me, there is nothing as special as when you wrap your tiny arms around my neck, bury your nose in the crook and play with my ponytail.  How is it that soon you will be too big for me to hold or for you to even want to? :-(.

Three years ago, I wondered who you would be.  What you would like and how you conquer the world.  Three years later I know that there is only ONE Joseph Bruce Davis.  You have your very own nature.  Your very own smile.  Your very own likes and dislikes.  You definitely have some of your daddy and some of your mommy in you but you are so very unique. 

You love forklifts, planes, trains and music.  Any and all of those things drive you and you are perfectly content to go to Costco and watch Mr. Brett and Mr. Don drive the forklifts.  Every saturday, your daddy takes you to work, stopping off for mcdonalds on the way.  You then eat eggies and drive the forklift before you come home for a nap. 

You love to swim and do it well.  Your favorite food is rigatoni's... said RIG a TONY's.  You belly laugh when I tell you I'm gonna take your rib and tell me NO.. I can have a knee.  Your daddy gets the rib.  You still suck on a paci and still sleep with us.  Many people might tell us that we shouldn't do this... but let me tell you.  I know that it's all going to be over in the blink of an eye and there is nothing I would rather do than share a pillow with you.  All too soon, you will be grown and I will miss these moments.  

Seeing you develop into a little boy has truly been the most amazing thing in the world.  I said before that I can't remember my life before you...  and I can't thank you enough for being my baby! 

I love you so very much! 

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