Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My little Dezi

Thursday morning, I dropped Joe off at school and decided to drive a route I had been thinking about running.  I wanted something a wee bit longer than I had been doing but not as long as my Saturday runs.  So, I headed off.  Went past my Y and thought about just going in and running there on the treadmill.  But I didn't.  

Famous Last Words.  

I drove behind the Y and through a neighborhood.  I came to a stop sign.  There were two cars to the left.  Two cars to the right.  And I was across.  And right smack dab in the center was an itty bitty, scrawny, gooey eyed.. kitten.  

I immediately threw it in park and grabbed him before he could get hurt.  NOW what do I do with him?  

I took him the vet and had him checked out... he was all of 11 ounces and about four weeks old.  He did eat on his own (YAY) and was starving.  He got tested for all of the evils and was clean.  And just so stinkin cute.  

I brought him home, put him in my hall bathroom with a heating pad set on low, a blanket, some food and a small box with litter in it.  He's way too small to let him roam freely... he can get lost or into all kinds of trouble.  
He needs to eat about every four hours.  And he makes the cutest little squeaky noises as he eats.  

We woke up the next morning and I got him out.  I was keeping him away from Murphey yet they were showing an interest in each other.  And, little bits is so teeny that he doesn't know to be afraid of the dog.  

They were GREAT together.  In fact, Murphey kind of watches out for him.  

We had dinner plans with the Mireles' that night and Scheri and Hayden came over to meet him.  

I always said I didn't want another kitten...  unless he found me.  This one very definitely found me.  Which is how he got his name.  It's Dezi which is my masculine version of Destiny.  :)  

He was going to be Figaro but Dezi stuck.  :)  
He snuggles and cuddles and plays and crab walks.  
He is MY Dezi.  :)
And I couldn't be happier.  


Viula said...

He is SOOOOO cute! Thank you for saving him. I hope you bring each other a lot of comfort and happiness.

Kasey Marsh said...

He is just as cute as he can be... and I think a special kitty-someone placed him right there in that intersection for you ; )