Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In general ... CUTEness!

I was taking pictures of some cement disks for my dad and they were all stored in this itty bitty box.  And he was just too cute not to take a picture.  He was helping me, can't you tell?  

And last weekend, my dear friend Delia, her hubby Jason and their too cute for words son, Cooper came into town for the cowgirls I mean Cowboys game on Sunday.  The guys went for a bike ride on Sunday morning and then Dee and Jason left for the game, leaving adorable Cooper with us.  

Our usual Saturday routine involves the office (to ride the forklift) and then to the park to ride the trinity train.  :)  Oh and to eat popcorn.  This is what we do almost EVERY single saturday that we are in town.  
Tell me... now just tell me...  that this isn't the cutest 9 month old who is averaging the size of a perfect 15 month old.  :)  Those cheeks are just edible!  oh...  and don't starve the poor little guy.  We crossed a line with him on our way home....  and he was none to shy about swearing at me/us.  :-)  

thank you Dee and Jason for letting us watch him. 

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Delia said...

Aw, those are so cute! I'm still laughing about you guys starving him. With Cooper, he is either full or hungry. There is no middle ground.