Friday, September 3, 2010

Clear Lake International Triathlon

The Triathletes before the race. 
Cindy and Scott, Reagan and Abby
Delia and jason and Cooper all came down Friday night to stay at the "Clara Harris" hilton.  I met them at 6:30 to walk over to the transition area.  This is where we found the boys.  
"HI" and "whew... I'm ready"
and they're off.  Next up.. Scott's division.  
Thought this sign was funny.  
If you look close, it says "Jason was here"... ha ha ha.  I took this as a joke.  Luckily, it wasn't bad joo joo for the race.  
Scott and Jason coming out of the water.  
In the transition area.  
Scott and Jason transitioning to the run.  
We had another friend who's husband did it also.  
This is gorgeous M and her daddy, Josh


 some of the attendees at the finish line.  :) 

 Joe and Reagan doing their own race.  
Their cute shirts.  :) 

we went out on the boat in the afternoon and all the kids fell asleep.  

Reagan had to drive with Papaw.  :)
We had some more people over that night and Jacob, Reagan and Sarah had a good time with all the gadgets.  :) 
Delia, me, Crissy, Cindy and Shannon.  The guys were all outside chatting it up.  :)
a wee bit of funny business.  :)
It was a great day and a fun night.  Sooo proud of our athlete's.  And they've already signed up for the next one.  Good job guys!

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