Thursday, July 11, 2013

Port Aransas 2013

So last minute, my friend Angie asked if my parents and I, (and the kids of course) wanted to join them in their 2 bedroom condo for the fourth of July.  Being that we used to do this every year, I jumped at the chance.  I love this sleepy little beachy town! 

We decided to drive down on Thursday morning.  We loaded up in the Acadia, three adults and three children and more stuff than we needed, and we headed South.  I should have gotten a picture... but alas, I did not. 

Joe was whiny but we survived the trip with a couple of stops and some McDonalds later.  We arrived, unpacked, poured a cocktail and settled in.  Angie and I went into town to get some groceries and the kids and grandparents and Randy went swimming. 

When we got back, we all went to a hamburger/hotdog barbeque in a party room and then watched the kids bash a pinata. 

We then made our way up to the condo and had a front row seat to watch the most spectacular fireworks.  Port Aransas always puts on a great show! 

Angie and Randy got the master with their two kids.  Mom and dad got the two twin beds with the bathroom and I had a pull out couch with Emilie and then Joe was in a sleeping bag until he woke up and asked if there was room for him.  :) 

Friday morning dawned early, as it usually does for Joe.  :)  We hung out and sat on the balcony watching the boats go by.  Dad cooked his world class eggs.  Emi wanted to buy some art supplies so the girls packed up and went shopping.  I wanted to get a toe ring but the owner was rude rude rude, so we walked out.  We did some shopping, had a pina colada, went to the grocery store and headed back. 

Emi and Cam had a visitor on the balcony while they colored.  :)

We went to the pool and came back up to rest.  Mom and dad went for a drive to decide what to do for dinner.  By the time they got back, they had decided to send Angie, Randy and myself to dinner instead.  They stayed with the kids so that we could have a nice dinner out.  How special is that? 

We tried to go to Lisabella's but they were full full full.  So we went to Island Moorings and had a very nice dinner.  When we got home, Cam had missed his parents so was glad to see them.  As a prize for them staying home, Randy and Angie took the kids fishing.  I took pictures.  :) 

Emi had beginners luck and caught FIVE fish.  Joe and Cam both caught two.  Emi wouldn't touch one of them but had fun anyway! 

We made it to bed around 1:00 am but morning tapped me on the shoulder bright and early anyway.  :)  Dad made eggs again and then we packed up and headed to the beach.  Well most of us did.  Mom stayed home with Evie because she was a bit young for the sun and beach. 

Jocelyn was a little underwhelmed but warmed up to building sandcastles. 


Emi was a little fish in the ocean... and Joe jumped right in.  After about an hour we headed back to the pool and then for a nap.  We tried for an early dinner but best laid plans.  We went to fins and listened to some music while we waited to be seated. 

Of course after dinner we had to do fishing again.  :)  I think everyone caught two fish and headed to bed.  Sunday would be there early and we had to pack up and head home. 

.... more to come.  :)

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