Sunday, July 21, 2013

Port Aransas 2013 part 2

I have a few fishing pictures of Cam and Emilie... for some reason I don't have any of Joe.  I'll add those later.  

We woke up the next morning and had our coffee on the balcony and then started our clean up.  While we cleaned up, the kids watched television.  
The Wilson's didn't want to go to the beach, so they headed on home.  I wanted to get some feet pictures with me and the kids in the water, so we went to the beach.  

 Emi was such a fish... jumping into the waves and tumbling over them.  Joe followed right behind.  Jocelyn... well she didn't quite care for it.  But she warmed up to the shore.  :)  

After a quick dip in the pool and a change of clothes, our wonderful Port Aransas 
vacation came to a close. 

 Port Aransas holds such wonderful memories for me.  Memories of boat trips,  boat friends, my sister, the beach, the pink "occopus".  In many ways simpler times... and in others much much more complicated.  Going back was bittersweet because it made me face the fact that I'm missing my sister.
But, I got to forge the new memories with amazing friends that touch my heart in so many ways. 

Thank you Randy and Angie, for sharing your 4th with us.  :)

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