Tuesday, December 17, 2013

All aboard! Bon voyage

Awhile back, dad asked me if I wanted to go on a cruise with them in December. I did some figuring and was able to work it out. Jason has the kids and I get some time to relax.

The week leading up to our departure was a bit stressful as the kids and I all got sick. I finally went to the doctor and had bronchitis and sinusitis.... A few antibiotics and I was good to go. The kids each went tot he doctor and were diagnosed with viral and given nothing. 😞

I flew to Fort Lauderdale on Friday and met up with mom and dad. We did some last minute errands and went to our hotel. Dad went to a dinner with an old geyser who used to work for us. I am mad at him for his treatment of dad so mom and I stayed back in the room. We ate in the hotel and watched silly Christmas movies. 😃

Saturday morning we got ready and started the trek to the ship.... Dropped off our rental car and rode the shuttle to the ship. I have sailed from Fort Lauderdale so many times that, even though it had been many many years, it felt like home.

Getting on was easy enough. Finding our cabin was easy. We went and had some lunch and made it to lifeboat drill. The cruise director came on and I swear they haven't changed the speech one word. The only thing they changed was that the captain now does a good portion of it. I guess since costa Concordia they have to take things more seriously.

Then we went back to our cabin.... We have a corner suite... The balcony wraps completely around it. So we sat and had a glass of wine and enjoyed our view. We did finally go up to lido to see sail away it by this time all of the festivities had ended.

There was a suite welcome with the captain... So we went to that. I have sailed with this captain... But at the time he was a second or third officer. He doesn't remember me but that's ok. I had a chance to meet the new human resources officer.... And I had a great time chatting with him. I learned there is still a "9141" entertaining passenger number. 😃.

We had a very nice dinner, saw a bit of the show and headed to bed.

The more things change... The more they stay the same. The roles have changed. The positions have changed. But it's still the same old ship feel.... I do miss it.

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