Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Not a whole lot to do in Grand Turk

grand Turk is pretty much a second version of carnivals private island. They are currently paying its youngsters to clean up the road sides over the Christmas break. They have built a huge welcome center which will open soon and they bring a lot of ships into its small island.

It's a pretty island and not the most commercialized of the Turks and Caicos islands. But we got a taxi and drove the seven miles seeing lots of houses, old salt ponds and a lighthouse. We saw tons of asses ahem donkeys and even got to scratch ones ears.

At the lighthouse we even saw one having his way with another. 😱. It was over fairly quickly.... Not sure if it was because of her obvious dislike of the activity or if he was just in a rush. 🙊

There seems to be quite a lot of history on the island and about 4000 inhabitants.

We wandered in the beach a bit and made our way back on board for a nap poolside.

We chose this to be our pinnacle night and had early reservations. Dinner was excellent as usual.... But wasn't terribly hot. This was disappointing but the service and flavor was amazing.

The show was a magician. He and his assistant were amiable and funny.... But I have been spoiled by James and Isabelle Cielen. Not sure if any other magicians can compare anymore. Plus I know that Isabelle has added in silks (cirque du soleil style).

Today is San Juan.... Not sure what we will do. I know there is a Crossfit gym that I'd like to try a class in. We will probably do a bit of shopping.... But I am just as happy sitting on our balcony or up by the pool. :).

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