Monday, February 8, 2016

My Date with Joe

When I saw that the Globetrotters  were coming to Houston I knew that I had to get tickets.  I had a groupon ready but I asked a good friend of mine (who knows people in ticketing) if he could get me tickets and he was happy to oblige.  We had great seats with a great view of the show.  It was an afternoon show and mom watch Jocelyn. 

 The players did not disappoint!  Joe loved them! 
Afterwards, we went over to the auto show to thank my friend, Matt, for the tickets and to check out all of the cool cars.  Joe loves the Lamborghini's. 

 Momma loves the Audi SUV.  :)

Lamborgini still wins.  ;)
 We wish we could have sat in some of them, but it was still super cool. 
We had such a great date...  he held my hand and gave me lots of kisses, just like normal.  I love the one on one time I get with each of them.  I made sure and took LJ to get her nails done too.  :)  My dates with the princess are definitely different but equally as wonderful.  

 My little people are growing up so fast, I remind myself to savor each and every moment. 

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