Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

So... we are heading to Houston tonight and I cannot wait! I hate the four hour drive but I am just so excited to see my family, see my friends and to get to eat STUFFING!

I love my moms stuffing... and yes, it's stuffing because it's IN the bird. I know that many don't do this anymore for risk of salmonella but... if it's cooked long enough... it adds so much moisture to the stuffing! :) YUMMY! And none of this cornbread stuff that you Texans seem to like so much... blech! ;)

Of course, the food is not the only thing to celebrate... but all the things we are thankful for! And I have SO much to be grateful for!

My gorgeous husband and I on our honeymoon. What a wonderful time we had!

My husband holding my son, both of which make my world go round.

Our wonderful parents who are supportive and loving!

My beautiful sister.

My Sister and Brother in law, Jackson and Peyton who was still cooking.

My wonderful dog, Murphey

My niece, Emilie

Great friends who are always here for us. (there are far too many to picture). :)

Great friends that I get to "get away with".

Not only having a roof over my head but being proud of it too.

A Mimi and a Mr. Richard who loves us and loves our son!

Relatively little damage when "Ike" blew through.

Cousins... and best of all... cousins who share.

A new hair color. :)

FUNNY old pictures that my dad sent to me.

And I have to end with this little mischievous man... :)

Truly... in a world where so much is in turmoil, I (we) have so much to be grateful for. I think I could go on forever and not cover everything... but I hope you enjoyed this small sampling of things in my life that are PERFECT and I have God to thank for all of that. I am one lucky woman!

What are YOU grateful for? :)

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Ingram Gang said...

I like your new hair color! I want to change mine, but I'm too much of a wimp.