Sunday, December 7, 2008

Recent Holiday Pictures

So we recently had our pictures taken with Melissa Goldberg up in Grapevine and she was divine. I mentioned her in an earlier blog and she was fantastic and I am more than THRILLED with the results. :) She seemed to really capture my little Joe and well, let's face facts... that's what I wanted. Ha!

So, now I am faced with the dubious task of picking which picture I would like to use for our christmas cards... but, please enjoy looking at them. :)

So, we are now 1 year and a half... how did THAT happen? He is understanding so much more. I ask for his foot and he sticks his foot up to receive a sock. I ask him to put his arm through and he reaches through. I even ask him to stand up in the bathtub for a second so that I can wash his "bits" and he stands up. He is so smart! :)

We have decided that separation anxiety is the thing to do though and MAN is that tough on mom and dad! We can't leave him without him breaking into fits of tears. And, in the morning, me especially. It seems that going to the bathroom is no longer a solitary activity... who knew. I sure hope THIS stage doesn't last too long.

And, the word NO is definitely a dirty word in his book. And knowing that he is understanding more and more, well... the temper tantrum takes on a whole new face. I know that it is this hard headedness that will make him successful later in life and I know that his insatiable curiosity will mean that he will be thorough. I know that his comedian side will mean that people will enjoy being around him. His fearlessness... well it means that he won't be afraid to try. And his mischeviousness, well THAT means he is a creative thinker. All good things LATER in life. But for now... now, it means that mommy is getting a few more gray hairs. :)
Daddy, aka, Jason, has been a real champ though, especially on weekends and at night. He recognizes when my patience has worn thin ... ner and usually takes him right off of my hands which then means that I feel horrible. But... this parenting thing is definitely easier with two!

We are almost ready for Christmas. But what's funny is that Jason was in charge of the outside and I was in charge of the inside. And we were both happy with the outside UNTIL he left tonight to go get him some cokes and he had the chance to see some of what the other houses have done and he said that we look like very half assed. He is now reconstructing our Christmas lights. Say NOTHING of the Santa in a Bass Boat that is due to arrive this week. :::Insert eye roll here::::::

He is too funny! But, now, we might resemble the Griswalds. I will be sure and take some pictures and add those as they come through.

We had a great Thanksgiving in Houston... although a bit long. Turns out that almost a week now, with Joe walking and curious and doing stairs is just hard. Mom and I spent most of the time chasing after Joe saying... No... No... not a toy Joe.... no, we don't hit our friends... Nope... we don't hit mommy either. Mom's house is VERY kid friendly but her cabinets aren't. And the mixer fast became the new motor car of the century... thinking nothing of the cord that was trailing behind to the cat's dismay. So... after about a week of no schedule or not much of one (being in a different house and a different bed)... mom and I were supposed to drive home. Well, she got sick sick sick... so Joe and I ended up flying home. And as much as it threw me for a loop cause that wasn't what I intended... it was nice to be home. Nice to be back in a routine... and nice to just... be. :)
I guess that's what "home" is, right?

I suppose that I have babbled enough. :) But, as the Christmas holiday fast approaches... it is a time to celebrate family! Celebrate our blessings! And celebrate and be thankful for all that God has given to us! I am one lucky girl!

I am sure I will blog again soon... but for now... good evening... good Sunday and I wish you all a wonderful week! :)


Delovely Designs said...
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House of Brodt said...

VERY cute!!! All of your pics turned out really good!

Lawfrog said...

Ok, I vote for the pic on the railroad tracks with you and Jason looking down at the little guy:) You on the right, Jason on the left. That one.

I know what you mean about being home. I got back tonight from Oregon having been gone for two weeks. Living out of a suitcase for that long is very trying.