Thursday, October 1, 2009

More swimming... he's gaining great experience

One of the conditions of taking Joe to swim lessons was that we follow up afterwards. Well, he is such a morning baby that he started waking up around 6:15 am and it just worked to take him swimming in the mornings. Well, he has really enjoyed it and now wakes up wanting to go to the wawer.

So, I pack him up, we go... we practice for about twenty minutes at the nearby Y and it's an indoor pool which is great. And that early in the morning there are a few people swimming but not many. Afterwards, I get him dressed, drop him off at school and then I get to go home and shower ALL BY MYSELF. :) Definitely an added bonus. :)

I am so proud of him though. He's magnificent and I'm only a LITTLE biased. :)

anyway. enjoy ONE more swimming video.


Meg said...

You are so good with all the practicing! He's a swimmer now!!!

KK said...

What a big boy, so cute.

kbarsch said...

WOW!! I'm so excited for the day Eileen learns to swim; I hope she picks it up as great as Joe has--he's a wonderful little fish!

charlotteL said...

I am so jealous. Joshua hates to swim. He will do it if you make him, but he fights it all the way.