Tuesday, October 13, 2009

options... :)

So we are less than a month out and dont know what Joe is gonna be for halloween. :) Nothing has really jumped out at me this year... so these are our halloween options. As you can tell, neither one is really jumping out at him either. :-D

A gigi (giraffe)

or a lamb, minus the bow.
He's so stinkin cute either way. :)


House of Brodt said...

AW! He doesn't like costumes too much now does he??? Hudson was a bit of the same way. I like both, but think that I like the giraffe a little more! Although, it might just be the bow throwing me off on the lamb one. They are both cute though.

Neon said...

HAHAHAHHA! That made me giggle!

stick with a football costume next time! =)

I'm not sure Noah will even have a costume... so sad...