Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A boating we will go

This past weekend we all drove (six adults and one child) to Clear lake in the Kerr's mini van. And man did I hear it! "you could have had one of these, Jess... we should have one, it has sixteen thousand cup holders... and look, there's a cubby IN the cubby... blah blah blah". Silly boy!
The girls all sat in the back seat, Joe and Jason sat in the middle row and then Trevor drove with Jeff as the copilot.
The weather was a bit sketchy all day but it really cleared right up for our drive. It did get a bit icy on the dock, in fact, Dad fell walking down to the boat. We stopped by randalls to buy some beer rock salt and some snackins and then headed on down. Let the partying begin. :) Wine was opened, beer cans popped, whiskey poured.
At some point in the evening, I went down to put Joe to bed and just never came back up. The pecks and the kerrs went on and had coffee with Baileys, more beer and a whole bottle of champagne. OYE!
And all while I was asleep, mom realized she had left her meds at home and she had to go home and get them. It really defeated the purpose of them coming on down so as to avoid the ice... but she did make it home safe and sound. She later just drove down to Galveston to meet us.

Saturday dawned with a beautiful sky and me with a raging headache... DAMN that wine. Why didn't anyone make me drink some water??? well, oh that's right, I put Joe to bed and never came back up. Oops.

We all headed to breakfast at Skippers and then back to fire up the engines and head out. The boat trip was great... the bay was smooth, Joe was awesome and we just had a great time.

The Kerrs Saturday morning.
The guys... chillaxin as we headed out of South Shore Harbor
the Davis'
Jeff and Meg
All three girls needed a picture with Santa

sweepy boy(s) takin a nap as we headed through Clear Lake into Kemah
I love close ups... isn't she pretty?
Hook em horns?
our boating comrades, the Blakeslees
soooo serious ... you're waiting to play scrabble, aren't you?
I did mention that I love close up's didn't I?... isn't she pretty?
Meg *driving*
Joe and Mama driving.
And unfortunately... that's the last of the pictures *I* took... but there are many more on Meg and Susan's camera.

When we arrived in Galveston... we hung out for a bit and then headed into dickens. The weather was perfect... and we got a chance to wander the shops and take it all in while Joe slept in his stroller. The guys hung out at an Irish bar and played pool.
Well reconvened to hang out and get ready for dinner later. We ended up with a VERY late dinner at Willie G's but had great time. :)
We ended the night with a good debate and good conversation... and being that the night before had been a bit... well... overlibatious ... ended earlier. HA!

Sunday morning, the Pecks and the Kerr's slept in while Joe didn't get that memo. Pththththththbt on him. wink wink. We did end up getting some breakfast, a very leisurely (read SLOW) breakfast but food none the less. And finally we headed back to Clear Lake around 1:00 pm, I think.

Around 4:00 pm we piled back into the van and pointed northward.... and about thirty minutes into it figured out that Jeff had left his keys on the boat. OOPS! Ha! Dad luckily met us and then we were really pointed North arriving at the Kerr's house around 8:30, I think. Or maybe it was 9:00 pm?

What a weekend. I am so so so so blessed to have the friends that I have up here. It's a rare and beautiful thing to be able to have a family circle away from your blood family. It makes everything more interesting. It makes everything worth it.

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Meg said...

What an amazing time we had!!! Love you!