Friday, December 4, 2009

So excited

This weekend, my fort worth besties are coming with me to Houston to go out on my parents boat. We have been planning this for about three months and they have found babysitters for their kids. We are bringing Joe because Jason's parents are luckily sailing around Austria right now. :)

Anyway... we are all packing up in the Kerr's mini van (all seven of us... nine if you count the wine bottles)... and heading south. And to add to it, we're going to be driving into SNOW! Yea you read that right... Houston, tX is getting snow right now. CRAZY I tell you! :)

And the high tomorrow in Galveston is supposed to be like 48 degrees... which is very Dickens like. Which is also good because we are going for Dickens on the Strand. :)

I'm excited to be going with my friends and we always have such fun together... there might be a bit of wine involved and I'm sure some loudness. Ha!

Hope y'all have a great weekend. :)


macfamilytx said...

Wait! You guys are coming to Houston?

Hope you have fun. Miss you.

Lawfrog said...

Have a fantastic time! Dickens on the Strand is SO much fun.