Monday, August 16, 2010

Joe and Hayden.. last week

Joe's friend Hayden moved to Houston about two weeks ago.  Their last week was spent doing all kinds of fun things.  

Going to the swimming pool....  
we had dinner at our house a couple of times and then we went out for mexican dinner one night.  
These boys were just having pure unadulterated fun!  
Joe has asked for Hayden each afternoon and from what I understand, Hayden has asked for Joe.  

In fact, when Hayden's mom picked him up for school on the last day...  the conversation went like this...  
Joe:  You taken Hayden bye bye?  
Scheri:  yes, Joe.  
Joe:  but he likes this school!
Joe:  ms. Stree... why is he moving? I said NO to him moving!  

Poor Joe...  :)