Monday, August 16, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Zazzetti

So, last weekend my sister got married again.  She and Mike have been dating for about a year and they had gotten engaged about six month's ago but hadn't really gotten anywhere with the planning.  Emilie was in town for her summer visit and they decided why not.  :) 

So, it was a wedding planned in three weeks and it really went off without a hitch.  The weather was hot but beautiful.  Jason had been in town the week before, so Joe and I met him at South Shore Harbor.  We stayed in the hotel that night and had a nice morning.  

The rest of the gang had boated down to Galveston to Moody Gardens.  It was a relaxing day with a nice dinner at the hotel that night.  And sunday morning, at 11:00 am, my sister walked down a path to her husband to be for her beach wedding.  

Taking my shoes off. 
the vows
sealed with a kiss
the bridal party and the new family with the officiant, Jenifer.  :) 
Mike's mom.  
Grandpa, the Davis', the Zazzetti's and the Meikle's. 
some of our other guests included
the Blakeslees
Rich and Nicole
Linda and Steve.  
Larry and Marsha
Larry made it his mission to get Joe to warm up to him.  He finally succeeded.  
cake and the rings.  

Emi had to paint Mamaw's nails.  
and then... well we did a bit of fun pictures.  
Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Zazzetti! 

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