Friday, August 27, 2010

Jason's birthday and Roommates

Many of you remember my post about my dear dear friend Danielle.  If you don't...  here it is.  Well, she called me about a month ago and her husband was being transferred down here for about a year.  That was about the end of the details she had though.  Ha!  

With a bit of finagling and some packing and some shifting...  they arrived with two cars and an economy size bag of paper towels and toilet paper on Sunday.  :)  I couldn't be happier. 

Danielle will only be here for three weeks and then she drives to Minnesota for a wedding.  A very special wedding.  A wedding I will be sure to fill you all in on, with her permission.  Let's just say it involves no bathroom, sitting on haybales, cooking your own shish-kabobs and camping.  Her side eye is spraining.  

Then she is driving back to Pennsylvania and then that night, flying to Germany for three weeks of treatment.  

She gets home, and goes to Disney world for her anniversary.  She is aiming to be back here in TX in November.  :)  But will be at her home for thanksgiving and then back to Germany in December for THREE month's.  oye!  She's my hero.  

And on top of it, she's still working 77 jobs with consulting and such.  She is one busy lady full of energy, let me tell you!  :)  Did I mention I couldn't be happier?  :) 

So, the 24th was Jason's 21st birthday again...  (with about 18 years experience at it) and we went to Lamberts Steak and Whiskey for dinner.  Can I say YUM!  Seriously one of our favorite restaurants.  And the waiter, Nathan, was fantastic!  
oh wait... Jason's eyes are closed... do another.  
Todd and Danielle
the whole gang
and cause we had to...  
Happy birthday my love!  I can't wait to spend the next 50 "21st" birthdays with you!  :-)

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