Thursday, December 2, 2010

Early Thanksgiving...

My friend, Danielle was leaving on Sunday the 21st so the saturday before, we had a traditional thanksgiving at my house.  It turned out fantastically yummy!  :) 
My kitchen kind of looked like it exploded but it was worth it.  :) 
Daddy carved the bird, which Todd and Danielle cooked.  (first time ever brining a turkey and it was YUMMY!)
Mom making the gravy...  that's cornstarch on her forehead.  :) 
Todd making asparagus bundles. 
Danielle working on the clean up and organizing.  :) 
Jim (danielle's best friend, handyman and driving partner) was working hard with ...
Sitting down...

and the clean up begins...
mmmmmm leftovers
it was a delicious meal full of laughs, family, friends and so many blessings.  
Thank you everyone for making it happen.  :) 

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